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  • ajmanieri ajmanieri Feb 14, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    FMR LLC 13F . . .

    they dumped approximately the same number of shares they acquired during the previous quarter ending 9/30/2012 - just over 600k . . . AMZN still ranks as its 14 largest holding with 15mil plus on the books . . .

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    • Good look at the FMR scam. Thanks for sharing. Sybs didnt have time to look today... How about world capital? Those idiots are lead sled dog running this pig, but fmr iz the true master of the game. The trouble with these sheeeeitty filingz iz that the are stale to the tune of 45 days min to 135 days max, so they could unload now and a bag holder would only find out about it in the middle of May... Meanwhile they loan shares and monitor margin levels in their corner of the world and run nano second robot stats and probabilities based upon what is going on with their statistically significant control of the float in real time... #$%$ the retailer the whole way... There's simply no way to compete against that stacked deck in the market. Thats exactly why optionz should be outlawed before hand gunz... Optionz kill more civilianz. Fvck in joke markets propped up by bernanke bux. Wake the fvck up, people. Youre in the matrix.

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      • You know, folks that while their iz money to be made by scam bots in a run o the mill pump (kill the shorts) n dump (kill the longz), these arsholez are making an absolute fvck in killing murdering optionz buying crack headz by moving theze pigs in slow motion and every week setting optionz idiots up on the chopping block. Az if traditional scamz werent enough, add to it weekly optionz scamz with massive amounts bernanke bux to prop up the too big to failerz 'for an extended period of time' ... You got a fvck in recipe for disaster. When the musak stops for these peice of #$%$ markets, sheeple wont ust be left standing... Oh no... They will be machine gunned down and loaded onto a caribian cruise vessel, set out to sea and tgen hit by a rogue astroid.... Biatchez.

      • Added several million shares...

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