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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 19, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Folks, this run could last 'for an extended period of time'

    How long? A year, a year and 1/2, maybe less, maybe more.... And that you idiots iz exactly why sybil does not trade optionz or panic in a trade....

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    • No, it cannot. It has less than 9 months to drop to around $100. TBTP have failed to recognize the real world constraints to the financialization of the global economy. They fear top down default cascades, but the systemic failure will be bottom up, emergent failures because the underlying fundamentals no longer work. That's the mistake everyone is making. Printing money doesn't buy unlimited time. Every cycle, we are closer to the system level constraints (think event horizon).

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      • Tech,

        The sane short that wa incapable of recognizing and dealing with the insanity of 1998 waz wiped out by the middle of 1999, and new shorts in that parabola of mid 1999 were wiped out by the end of 1999. In march of 2000 the markets without notice, cauze, or reason simply rolled over and died without a single short at the top. Robots then entered short tradez. This all happened without weekly optionz or etfs. Sybil iz prepared to recognize this and prepare accordingly to endure in the sybil short trade of the underlieing pig... Sticking your head in the sand and yelling "9 months left" az you try to time crackhead leap puts simply will not work in a market chock full of shorts and disbelieverz, coupled with a bevey of svckerz just itchin to 'get in' Its just the way it iz. You dont have to change your belief that the markers are 'a disjointed scam', but you would be foolish not to recognize what iz happening right in front of you and the implication that it haz.

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