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  • techstrategy techstrategy Feb 22, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    AAPL book equity growth versus Amazon... Even more evidence of a broken market...

    Again, Amazon's stock has outperformed AAPL over the past 2 years. So, how has Amazon grown book equity over the period (which cannot be manipulated by the float jam option scam) versus AAPL?

    Book equity at year end 2010 and year end 2012:
    Amazon: 6.8B (2010) and 8.2B (2012) -- an increase of a little more than 20%
    Apple: 47.7B (2010) and 118.2B (2012) -- an increase of a little less than 150%

    Yet, Amazon's stock has outperformed Apple's because someone (IMHO) has been painting the tape and our reflexive technical trading driven markets have taken both of them way beyond where either should have gone... Wreaks of future scandal...

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    • Its even worse than that Tech. If you subtract the off the balance sheet obligations from each year (below), AMZN true shareholder equity has actually shrunk over that time. While balance sheet BV has increased $1.4B, there off-BS obligations increased by $6.5B over two years, so net actual book decreased by $5.1B!!

      AMZN 2010 off-BS obligations: $3.6B (10k value less on BS debt)
      AMZN 2012 off-BS obligations: $10.1B (10k value less on BS debt)

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      • Once: I have been saying AMZN is far more levered than most appreciate. There is yet another liability that has significant tail risk to it. Highlighting AAPL/AMZN relative performance will make it clear to the public that this move is corrupt. This is where we focus since AAPL has been the source of funds for the Amazon squeeze. These predatory moves will ultimately be the death of trust in the capital markets and ensure the secular decline of WS. They are ultimately killing themselves by playing these games...

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