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  • party_bistro party_bistro Feb 28, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    Techstrategy: one of the probelsm with the system is the Fed is unaccountable while unelected by the people to wield such power: It's a scam just on that

    The abuse of them running the printing press is rediculous. And it's gotten worse over the years, not better and reformed. You have to started at the root of the problem, not what's built on top of it.

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    • If the Fed stopped printing, the drop in these scams would be epic, no doubt. But, it simply doesn't explain the entirely technical driven market at this point. The printing helps the fundamentals of certain companies. It hurts this one, yet this one is rewarded and the ones it helps are penalized. This is engineered manipulation, not driven by the Fed (but I will acceded enabled by it) IMHO...

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