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  • ling.chen ling.chen Mar 6, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Amazon will be next Apple

    Its growth is slowing due to sales tax advantage is gone, and more serious competition in retail, media contents and cloud computing. Since its base is already too big, it is tough to keep have 25% growth.
    Last quarter it only showed 22% growth, this quarter will be less than 20%. We may see 15% in 3rd quarter.

    Growth funds will dump it if its growth ratio drop below 20%. Its share price will drop like what Apple did.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • see smart money already started dumping GOOG. When everyone is hyping about it, it's time to sell.
      Even AMAZON CEO and other insiders dumped large amount of shares in the recent few months.

    • That does a massive disservice to AAPL, which generates more cash per quarter than any company in history. Amazon is a ponzi scheme. There exists no world where future cash flows cash justify the current valuation. Deflation, inflation, hyperinflation. Doesn't matter. It is about the relative cost drivers. Those work against Amazon.

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      • Techstrategy: "That does a massive disservice to AAPL, which generates more cash per quarter than any company in history."

        Have you seen their cash? Are you sure they really generates and has as much cash as they claim? A long time ago, when CSCO was still a momo stock, some people claimed that Cisco Systems (the company) had never made ANY money in its entire corporate history. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that virtually all companies don't make any money at all. Ever. The government doesn't mind that because, at least all companies, whether they make money or not, employ people so that they and their families can be fed without help from the welfare system.

        For example, the airline industry as a whole has always been a money loser, but how many people make their livings working in the industry, including airport porters, etc.

        Don't you see, tech, the whole economy is a big Ponzi scheme endorsed by the government.

        You're so clueless. Where did you get your worthless education, again?

      • ahh. Mr Market, the ultimate arbiter, disagrees with you here. I take my cue from Mr Market, he's is the ultimate trading God. I bow to him. He is Zod.

      • I should be clear that Amazon the stock is a ponzi, not the company. Although the stacked loss leader strategy with almost no net cash flow amidst structurally rising energy cost with free two day delivery to a growing number of people does come close...

    • ling.chen: "Amazon will be next Apple"

      You mean AMZN will hit $704 before collapsing? That's great!

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