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  • geegenjar geegenjar Mar 21, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Shorts are sad.


    Disappointed today.

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    • Geegee,

      When you say shorts are sad you imply that most shorts here are anti American or anti-markets. I think to the contrary. Most are proud Americans and love our capitalistic system. I think what they are against is the miss use of Fed money and how the 1% manipulate the system to extract wealth from the 99% ( footnote: Sybilrulz) And they are anti-bubble. Wishing for markets that operate without outside intervention. And I think that most view AMZN as the postboy for all that ills the system. I commend them for having the smarts to not follow like the rest of the sheep. Even tho most (me included) have taken a beatin' the last 4 months. - PJ

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      • PJ:

        On target here. I want people to make money and lots of it. But, by actually creating value and capturing a fraction of it. Not from glorified theft. At some point, there's not much more to take and it leads to bad outcomes. Capital markets need to reward actual value creation and value capture, not function as a skimming operation. That creates no value. It simply transfers from one party to another. M&A isn't returning as expected because sophisticated investors know most of this is overvalued #$%$. One way or another, the system will come back into balance. It can either happen by "investors" becoming investors again, or through a black swan...

    • Longs are trying to figure out how to get out of this sinking ship. The most privileged passengers already exited via upper deck lifeboats. From here on, it gets harder and harder...

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