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  • techstrategy techstrategy Mar 22, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    MOMO junkies being setup for slaughter...

    Everyone has been herded into all the wrong places based upon fundamentals. The big boys can now let all the scams crash because MOMO junkies are short the real investments and long the scams...

    Someday, people will look back and ask how it happened. How did so again negligently accumulate shares of a company with no net cash, with management having sold huge amounts at prices well lower than this in a period of less uncertainty. "Because of the price action"... The really smart money has used timely technical signals to lead lambs to slaughter.

    I suspect those who've made the play will sell AMZN hard next week, forcing the followers to buy up lots of shares to hold it for month end window dressing. More than likely, they'll wait until the end of the week when MOMO chasers and indexers will not be able to trim significant positions and then liquidate at EOM, tanking the followers' performance and leading to a new wave of redemptions in passive and herd funds...

    It may not happen until after earnings, but this stock is certain to crater in Q2. It has no hope of ending Q2 higher than Q1. Those that loaded up in Q1 will prove to truly be the dumb money.

    Of course, as Sybs always points out, it isn't there money, so I guess they don't care...

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    • hope you are right on the sell off. I bought puts today as a sort of hedge against a broader market correction. I am thinking this overvalued situation cannot continue forever. Look at the apple price action and there is a company that makes money.
      Of course the market can stay irrational longer than my bets can stay solvent.

      maybe drop 50 next week?

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