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  • frtgrdn21 frtgrdn21 Mar 28, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    Why Is AMZN Up, While AAPL/GOOG Tanking?

    What is going on with this stock? Nothing seems to faze it. Anyone knows when the next earnings report comes out?

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    • This up action the month before earnings drives me nuts - MM using my 401K money & QEx to bid up the stock price into poor earnings and then hold it there. It'll stop when downgrades the institutions leave the party for the next big thing (see: SHLD, RIMM, NFLX)

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    • Its been going on for years with amazon. Sky high valuation, that realistically can never be justified. The earnings that never come would have to reach over $10.00 to justify it's current price, given its growth rate.
      I think they are like TWA in a creating a very low margin business with virtually no barriers to new entrants. Etailing will be like the airlines.............................................................un-investable
      Amazon will be a $20 stock 5 yrs from now. Of course the current stock holders will not believe. Just like DRYS when it was at $100 per share, they didn't believe either.
      Too dangerous to short, too dangerous to own. Its like putting 100$ on red. Look its red again..... yippie..... one day it will roll black........or green.............

    • It is the same fraudulent money that is moving in and out of these stocks, hoping to lure in greedy and naive investors. So they have to sell one in order to buy the other.

    • AAPL is new MSFT. (stablizing in the low)
      GOOG is new AAPL. (crashing)
      AMZN is new GOOG. (rising by short squeezing)

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    • jlas22 Mar 28, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

      next earnings is 26/04

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