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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Apr 3, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

    "Momentum Stocks Breaking Down"

    Just now on Bubblevision, I mean CNBC Fastmoney.

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    • They've also brainwashed everyone to expect a 5% drop, 10% max. If we hold 20% within losses we will be lucky. S&P shouldn't have crossed 1400, but they had to try to compel people into the market.

      Trust has been obliterated, so they cannot get retail as the greater fool (except through the highly collusive AAPL/AMZN pain trade designed to dump as much as possible into passive ETFs and tracking funds before breaking down).

      MOMO stocks are breaking down because EVERYONE knows they are a complete scam. They also know the market will correct in Q2 and scams like this have no chance of outperforming real investments. So, by the end of the quarter it will be crazy ugly (yes, under 180 here and on the way to 100). Those that dump first dump best. The scalpers will want to hold this for earnings and then tank it further than anyone imagines possible (think CMG's 25% drop or GMCR's 50% drop). Any long with large positions in AAPL and AMZN should be selling as much AMZN as the quant scalpers will buy to keep the options they sell from being in the money. This currency will lose 30% of its value over the next 3 months...

    • By the way, those 20MM AAPL shorts that piled up, or 10MM in excess of historical levels will require about $4.5B of covering just to get back to "normal" levels of short interest. At the same time, Amazon is about 3-4MM shares below historical short levels,

      I'm going to enjoy seeing AAPL rip through $500 on an earnings squeeze and watching those that played this pain trade get decimated... They'll be liquidating everything in sight to cover the AAPL shorts (because it was "dead money", even though a much more sound investment than Scamazon). A few days later, AMZN will fall 20-30%. Geegee and NAS will never be heard from again...

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