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  • hey_rob69 hey_rob69 Apr 29, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    Poor Amazon. Only made 16 billion!!!

    Amazon made 16 billion last quarter. 13 billion April 2012 earnings, 9.9 April 2011, 6.6 billion July 2010/ So whats wrong?? Nothing. Numbers keep rising and last quarter is historically slow.

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    • Let me guess you are a greater fool who bought this stock because "it always goes up" but you haven't a clue about fundamentals. Well son, you are getting an education in fundamentals or lack there of and I'm afraid it will only get to be a more expensive education from here.

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    • What's wrong is that AMZN revenues were 16B but the stock is valued like they made 16B in profit.

    • Not so fast! What do you mean Amazon made 16 billions last quarter? Are you talking about revenue? Revenue alone cannot tell the whole story. If they do 16 billions worth of business, how much of that goes to operation? How much of that is left for profit? Let me tell ya. There is only 18 pennies left per share to be called profits. You run a business that do a lot of business, but it is also very expensive to run this business. What is so good about it? The company is forecasting that the growth of this business is slowing. Quarterly growth is in the minus percentage. How can that be a good business?

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