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  • housedoctor66 housedoctor66 May 2, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    PIN tomorrow now looks like $250,,10KPUTS and 8K CALLS--Tanky Tanky

    Buying PUTS tomorrow on open---bad jobs everything tanks.
    Tanky Tanky

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    • What a paradox, today we have lowest employment in 5 years due to the, often revised, counting methods . Tomorrow we'll very likely have bad job numbers because is the "actual" hiring figures hence the "real" indicator of the underlying economy a la the Tale of Two Cities . The key in shorting high flyers or momo stocks is price action weakness not fundamentals. Right now I'm seeing more and more weakness in bubble stocks like NFLX, LNKD, and AMZN. Does it means that they collapse? No. But I do expect them to have some nice little pullbacks when the market retreat. If they failed to advance when the market shoot up again than it will be obvious that the show is over.

    • Obviously, you will know what the report says before the open. The target is only 150k. Don't be surprised if it beats. This stuff is often lumpy and last month was terrible.

      If it comes in on target or above at the market keeps going up.

      LNKD getting beat up after hours. That's what happens when a stock is priced for perfection.

      AMZN has done well over time, not taking poundings probably as bad as they should have.

      My overall question with the markets is do they just keep going up regardless of below target revenues? Seems to me we are just adding lots of air and then hoping that miraculously everything just works out in the end.

      I'm net long but a PUT buyer and or short in what I consider high priced stocks that are not fundamentally doing very well. AMZN is a great example.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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