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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug May 2, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Mini-Crash Possible Frid through Mond?

    Bad employment # = minicrash, probably. Mkt down 5-10% in 2 days? Amazon down $40, NTFLX down $30 etc.? We'll see.

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    • Generally when owning a PUT , a flash crash price ( accounting for the IV increase ) should be put in. Over last 5 years 3 times I capitilzed on this. It does not happen often , but seems to happen more frequently.

    • That's a dream ex goldbug. Like I said in my last post 150k is not a big number.

      I think anything above 100k to just short of 150k the market barely farts.

      If it's above and 180k + to over 200k the market probably is up a ton.

      Of course the actual jobs added will probably suck wage wise but they'll be throwing a party on TV.

      gee will be posting every other post here and we will be sure to see the ground hog crew. :-)

      These numbers are usually lumpy so last month may have been an anomaly. If by some chance it comes in under 100k again I would think the market would go down but I wouldn't bet on it since we all know Benny Bucks Bernanke is propping it up.

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      • Yup, futures up a ton on the jobs report as I thought could be the case. AMZN most likely goes higher especially if the market goes nuts today which it appears it will.

        Long positions overall will do well and most shorts will not.

        Good luck. This could definitely be a groundhog day then again you never know.

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