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  • jeffpmpccea jeffpmpccea May 9, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    Every Scam POS Stock Had a Headfake Rally Today

    Tell me it isn't collusion.
    All rallied even on a down day.
    On any bit of good news on any of these stocks, the squeeze play is executed.
    Amazing, but it could be that the colluders know the end is near, and they have to take every opportunity to squeeze.

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    • 99% of this is due to the funny money being printed by the Fed. When money is essentially free and meaningless lots of very strange things can happen. Nobody cares about valuation, money is free to borrow and there's a glut of it. The markets are flooded with this funny money and it moves it to astronomical heights with very little fundamental support. This ends with the loss of the dollar as the world's currency. When that happens it's going to be quite a spectacular fall. We're talking sub 4000 Dow in a hearbeat. Don't think it can happen? Watch what happens when the rest of the world stops taking dollars in exchange, except by the wheelbarrel full. If you aren't scared to death, you aren't paying attention.

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    • Don't forget CRM and WDAY and LULU although LULU has other things going on such as a short squeeze but volume was immediate there, definitely a planned effort.

      Of course with some of these scams if the story ever comes out it will be years from now and we'll hear about all the credible people who contacted the SEC about the strange activity that they did nothing about.

      Same ole, same ole.

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    • AMZN short interest to 12 month lows while disconnect between fundamental valuation and market cap at all time highs. The most vulnerable Mega cap to a recession and a myriad of tail risks. Yes, it has been collusion IMHO. The real investments have been bullied down (front run) via the use of effectively infinite leverage and options, while the scams have been moved the other way.

    • Last stage of the top, good stocks flat while POS stocks shooting up.

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