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  • samueldavid1234 samueldavid1234 Jul 3, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    Prediction: AMZN stock will go up a lot after earnings report

    I'm guessing $20+/share. Rationale: The latest estimates have been lowered, which usually means that the bar has been lowered intentionally so that it will be easy for AMZN to beat the estimates.

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    • There are too many institutions which are not selling this stock. If the interest rates rise, this thing may be crushed. Or if a recession strikes, the same result. As long as the broader market does not blink, they will be pumping helium into this balloon.

    • I couldn't disagree more... and basing a $20 pop on beating $0.06 is shortsighted.
      What difference does it make if a stock that is $280+ beats a six cents estimate???
      This stocks valuation is based on it earning a bit pot of money in the future, not a few pennies today.
      If they take guidance down, like that always do, the stock will pull back.

    • Don't think so. Last qtr they also beat a sandbagged EPS number. Came in at .18 vs .08. Stock dropped $20 then another $5 next day based on very small rev miss. Would expect a similar result this qtr. Good luck if you're buying at 285 and hoping for a $20 pop.

    • So that makes a $20 move up justified? It hurts my brain reading these posts but the sad thing is that you are probably right if they do. There is no fundamental basis for the pricing - at least not now. Trick is timing - until then I give my hats off to you longs....

    • They took a hit last Q and the bots bring it right back up. It's not about profitability is about monopoly until the revenue growth dries up which could be another year or more. Wall Street 101, not thing is too expensive to buy or too cheap to sell. Otherwise, it's just a #$%$ shoot picking tops or bottoms.

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