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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Jul 15, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    Sybs gonna forego bashing stupid pumperz with no livez today to tell you what iz going on here with scazon price action


    Weak handed shorts are stuck big time in a gap trap n'run of a pig bitcoin stok. Cthis iz the pure mechanical action of a short squeeze of levered shorts writhing in pain and looking for a way out where there iz simply no escape until wed. Bots know EXACTLY what the realtime leverage level iz and who iz piling in shorts anew. If it iz worthwhile to fvck existing trapped shorts and #$%$ new entriez, while fvck in optionz crackheadz in the dumper, then they may just bounce this pig straight up tomorrow for a hurrah that will get everyonez knickerz in a bunch and spark off yet another NASTY round of short covering just to make sure that those deep under water are completely drowned in forced covering. If this happenz then ol sybby will line up north of 313 to rat tat tat fire off a round of shorts at the expense if the pooe slobz that become victemz of robot murder.... Theze are VERY interesting markets indeed.

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    • Like I asked yesterday.... Do you ever get tired of being flat out wrong? Last night you wrote that AMZN was going straight up. Of course your forecast didn't come true... Az uzualy...

    • Sybil... do ever get tired of being flat out wrong? Pls let me know how an increasing amzn's stock price screws options holders? The vast majority of option holders for this firday's expiration are on the call side. If amzn stock price increases, we will only be getting further away from max pain. You are familiar with the concept of max pain, aren't you?

      Come to think of it, you are a perfect counter indicator. When you write that amzn is going to plunge, it increases. Now you write its going to increase, while at the same time, you boast about getting even shorter. Doesn't sound like a smart move. But that has never held you back... has it?

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      • actually,looking at Sybils predictions today, he was rghit: he said the morning AMZN would bottom and then be another up round of push into margin short covering. And that probably happened. That, or it bottomed when ex-Goldbug showed up spewing "Einhorn is in" and "don't let AMZN do a CMG" posts, which is ALWAYS good for a rally as he's an unmitigated disaster for the shorts here. That's the pattern I've seen at least. In fact, he's so bad ,I sometimes think he does it on purpose b/c he's on the other side . lol!

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