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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Sep 22, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    Yuuuuoooooo betterrrrrrr cooooooooverrrrrrr

    You can try the "fvck sybil, sybs never right" counter trade, but just remember - you aint fight'in sybil here, your fighting the fed's unexpected addition s-s-s-seven hundred billion of stimulous. Incase you havent noticed - we are on our way to 330, dopes.... But with last week's action we're now going 25% above that..... Sybil will open up shorts after all you clueless idiots are wiped out and dead.... The next 3-5 weeks are gonna be BRUTAL.

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    • Bump , tech.... You idiot.

    • Syb. I think you underestimate the importance of the govt shutdown.

    • Have you ever meet a flat out loser that you could count on to make the wrong move? Of course you have, sybil the fraud. You look in the mirror, don't you?
      Btw dummy, the fed isn't dropping several hundred million into the market unexpectantly. They decided to delay the TAPPER, moron. That means they decided to push back REDUCING their asset buying. They aren't going to zero overnight.

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      • The markets expected bernanke to wind down qe completely by dec ..... He's not going to stop anything before hiz term endz. The new fed will take a 100 day honeymoon before doing ANYTHING, nevermind something like reducing qe crack and sending the mkt into complete widthdrawl. here's what the market was conceivably expecting since july after the may announcements:

        July :75 bil

        Aug 65 bil

        Sept: 55 bil

        Oct 30 bil

        Nov 15 bil

        Dec 15 bill and done

        Jan 0

        Feb 0

        Mar 0

        Total: 255 bil

        Here's what iz happening instead:

        Jul 85 bil

        Aug 85 bil

        Sept 85 bil

        Nov 85 bil

        Dec 85 bil

        Jan 85 bil

        Feb 85 bil

        Mar 85 bil

        680 billion

        Difference of injection into the markets: 680 (actual) -255 ( originally anticipated and priced for ) = $425 billion additional dollarz added to the markets that is juuuust beginning to be ajusted for.

        Sorry , sybil disnt mean to scare you with that 'bloated'. Seven hundred billion dollar figure. Sometimez sybby gets carried away. Appologiez....

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