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  • lambertjbberra lambertjbberra Oct 9, 2013 7:31 AM Flag


    CNBC just did a documentary on AMZN and the power of research reports sites, and new technology being used to scan the markets via research reports. Savvy investors that follow research reports are often statistically ahead of the street by DAYS, this can often translate into millions in potential profits. They mentioned that flash market research (google them ), a site I can vouch and have personally profited over $190k net profits, is now using this technology. This could change the markets for AMZN and all public companies!

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    • But gold will get monkeyhammered, just cause they can...

      The unlimited leverage pain trade is going to lead to violent collapse. It's already gone on for far too long. As long as the keep pressing the anti-fundamental pain trade, trust will be destroyed. And a market economy cannot function absent trust.

      Remember when I asked what happens when demand asymptotically approaches zero? We will find out soon enough...

      $85B a month in QE isn't enough to support outflows from market of people having to sell investments to bridge income gaps. Janet is going to have to take 'er up to about $150B to keep the ascent going.

    • Sybil:

      "Sybby just shorted a TRUCK LOAD of this trash at 285

      Giddy the fvck up! This pig iz going in the TANK - FINALLY!"

      Yeah, if the price moves against Sybil, she says she didn't short AMZN. If AMZN's price drops right after she covers, she says she didn't cover.

      What a convenient way to "predict," huh?

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