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  • getintoh20 getintoh20 Dec 3, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    Cyber Monday sales surged to a new record AMZN back over $450 by friday

    Shorts will fried like the rats they our...Have fun shorts begin roasted

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    • I am sure u are aware of "buy the rumor - sell the news"... stock market is all about
      "predictions and being right".. this news is already baked into the stock price hence it
      ran from 350- 399... now that "amateurs" have the news and think they know it all.. are
      ready to BUY.... and guess who will sell to them?? Yup.. the one's who predicted this
      and got in at 350... the game is OVER... she continues her downward journey... and hey
      for predictions..? I predict that by May 2015 AMZN will be selling for $ 49 a share
      or lower...good luck...

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      • I predict that Amazon will learn a very tough lesson that investing in abundant and redundant distribution resources is malinvestment. As to the cloud, Google's $50B in cash, drak fiber strategic assets and world class big data capabilities will allow it to close the gap far more rapidly than pumpers expect. Maybe GOOG doesn't buy NFLX but forms alliance and moves from AWS to GOOG cloud. Once a few switch, most retailers will choose to use GOOG because it doesn't compete directly with retail. Amazon's inherent channel conflict makes it more vulnerable to competitive cloud offerings than the analysts believe...

    • Amazon made an extra $2.35.

    • In your drone dreams. The price did not drop today just from lack of sales and success of competitors like Ebay. The price dropped from Bezos signalling that for a long time into the future - he will not make any profits. He needs to see thru every dark alley to fulfill his vision.
      Do you want to keep investing in a company that promises to never make a profit and instead would like to try all kinds of disruptive ventures? Go to it my friend.

      When interest rates rise in 2014 - skinny margin companies with no coffers in the bank for tough times will suddenly get creditors taking away the furniture. Amazon will lose it's new corporate headquarters before it's fully built. They are following in WaMu's footsteps.

      Talk to a former WaMu investor. Better yet - stay long and hard on Amazon and I'll see you in the news - crying your eyes out in disbelief that such a great and strong company could never go bankrupt. It must be evil forces at work making them appear bankrupt.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Amazon, the world's largest Internet retailer, was among the strongest on Cyber Monday and through the five-day period that started with Thanksgiving.

      ChannelAdvisor clients saw Amazon sales jump 46% on Cyber Monday and 35% through the "Cyber Five" period from Thanksgiving through Monday.
      Shorts are going to run over by the Amzn Mack truck tomorrow. Back over $450

    • Ya sure.... and I guess all those packages have been sent by Drone !!! Gee, some retails are sooooo naives........

    • Cyber Monday sales rose 16% to a record $2.29 billion, according to Adobe Systems, which tracks activity on roughly 2,000 U.S. retail websites. IBM's Digital Analytics Benchmark, which tracks transactions from about 800 retail sites, put the sales increase at almost 21% compared to a year earlier.

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