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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez May 10, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

    Cashback - sybs made an observation. Take it for what you will

    Have you noticed that you trade everything BUT whatever stok your posting on. G r u b - you're trading the fundiez, which dont matter. Cmg - your trading the newz flow . There'z ALWAYZ a ukrain story or a story of the day - if there iznt a story to match a particular move then the irrelevant media will make one up to appear relevant. How are an expensive slinger of fart paste like cmg and a bunch of kövichez fighting each other in ukrain related. Put away your ADD, take your ritalin, and Trade the phvckin stok - stupid.

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    • it should be spelled "ukraine" and "ukrainian". or "ukraina" and "ukrainsky" .

      u should read my previous post again. on OT: i know u are impressed with my g r u b, but good things happen to those who pay attention to details.

      other than that your post is regular gibberish. and why? cause u are plain stupid. now, try this stock ticker:
      g f y 1s

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      • techstrategy, is there something in my posts u do not understand too?

        i thought a am pretty straightforward.

        i simply can't make myself read another pile of gibberish delivered by schiz, but i know "she" is very frustrated because of some mental limitations.

      • Dont flatter yourself, stoopit - sybs haz no idea how your stupid g r u b call iz playing out because youre ADHD posts are incoherent to the point where the reader cant even tell what the call iz. Sybil could destroy your 2 second attention span in any match up. You've the intellegence and attention of a phvckin gnat. Now go take your medz and stop running spell chex on sybbys posts - sybil needz to focus on some charts now - there'z money to be made in the next swing DOWN on the overbought majorz while oversold pig stox flounder az dead money for a week or 3. Thats why sybby iz lazer focused on shorting the phvck out of scam bull etfs - watch and learn az sybby compoundz sybby's acct an additional 30% over the next 5 weeks az sybby gearz up for an anual 200% gain and eyeballz buying some silver at 15 bux out the door - delivered. There'z the call - argue and insult sybby az much az you want or make money, your choice, stupid

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