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  • geist.gunter geist.gunter May 13, 2014 6:39 PM Flag

    Old Baldie working real hard to SCAM amateur AMZN bashers into buying WORTHLESS AMZN PUTS, again!!!!! ROFLMAO


    Now my favorite little bald whoore for the DOW and NASDAQ PUT WRITERS at the slimy banks and funds is pounding the table to suggest that funds will dump AMZN in favor of Alibaba???????


    Old Baldie is really trying to line up the amateur PUT purchasers to buy as many WORTHLESS AMZN PUTS as he and his wall street partners in crime can possibly WRITE!!!


    Girls, the day that smarter pro traders ever fall for an old bald whoore's illiterate ravings and OBVIOUS SCAM RANT aimed against the vastly superior AMZN, in favor of a company named alibooboo, a corp that most American's have NEVER heard about, will be the day that smart pro traders submit for lobotomies....NEVER going to happen!!!!

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