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  • phasse phasse Jan 11, 1998 1:56 PM Flag

    1. April

    Hi every body out there who has lost quite a lot of money Yesterday,

    I have a really good idea how we could boost the stock price:
    Everybody spends as much money on Amazon books as he (or she) has lost on friday with his shares. That should double there 1.Q. sales... :-)

    Ciao Philipp

    I still think that is a good investment for the next years, but for now I must congratulate everybody who is short!

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    • There is No support out there at present for Companies with NO
      Earnings. Monday will see a rebound for quality issues. Unfortunately Amzn is a not among that group.Nervous Institutional and other large investors will be selling high flying Internet stocks like this one as fast as possible.!!

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      • I have just started reading this thread since the beginning of the year and have seen some very helpful and informative post (from both shorts and longs) and some that are obviously less so. This however is hard to believe. It is messages like this that hopefully do not influence some investors. What is this, the National Enquirer? I hope your only managing your own money. With calls like this it must be Bankruptcy Time!

      • Hong Kong and Singapore down more than 8%, evey major indexes down more than 3%, every single European index down from 2% to 10%.....I see an another stormy day on the street, especially for techs. Again, on a day like today, castle in the sky like AMZN will lead the percentage drop. Oil related stocks may see some rebound today, however....

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