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  • canstic canstic Apr 14, 1998 8:19 PM Flag

    From"Internet Dementia"

    The following is copied from today's

    "INTERNET DEMENTIA: Of course, if it makes you money, there certainly isn't anything mad about it. Nevertheless, we have
    never seen this type of extraordinary momentum in a group of stocks. Take a look at some of explosions in price over the past
    week, and write in to let us know if you can come up with anything more spectacular. The point of this piece is also to inform
    readers which stocks have been hot and to discuss how when a group of stocks is perceived as undervalued, one-day wonders can turn
    into two week miracles (unlike the typical momentum stock which goes up for a 1 1/2 days and tumbles over the next 2). Since last
    Monday, shares of Internet marketing services firm, The Leap Group (LEAP 6 1/32 -23/32), have leapt 340%. As late as yesterday
    morning, the shares of music and video marketer K-Tel International (KTEL 20 1/2 +5 9/16) traded at $6.625. Then the company
    announced that it would sell its Oldies/Goldies music
    over the Web. The stock has soared almost 210% in less than two full trading sessions. Last Monday, shares of
    Internet-travel services concern 800 Travel Systems (IFLY 9 1/2 +1/4) resided at $4.0625. The stock has appreciated 134% since. A week ago,
    Web advertising and marketing agency, K2 Design (KTWO 5 3/4 +7/8) carried a market-cap of $14.7 million. That market cap is now
    $21.16 million, an increase of 44%. Even more impressive have been the warrants of d IFLY and KTWO. They have jumped 540% and 200%,
    respectively, over the past week. There are several big names which make the list also. (The percentage indicates how much these stocks
    have increased since the beginning of the month). CMG Information Services (CMGI 100 +8), +72%... Yahoo! (YHOO 114 1/4 +1 1/4),
    +24%.... Excite (XCIT 75 9/16 +6 11/16), +48%...Lycos (LCOS 69 +3 1/2), +56%... DoubleClick (DCLK 49 1/4 +2 5/16), +40%.... THINK New
    Ideas (THNK 36 1/2 +1 5/8), +113% ... ISS Group (ISSX 51 5/8 +5/8), +33% ...."

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