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  • BillG____ BillG____ Dec 29, 1998 1:51 PM Flag

    Fund Managers cut vacations short to loc

    From the grapevine, some funds managers with
    sizeable holding in Amazon cut their vacation short to
    come back and lock in 50% of the gains in AMZN while
    still keeping the window dressing intact.
    expect a huge sell off on January.
    Longs keep holding
    the bag. I think it will be a good reality lesson
    that will help you in the long term, I speak from
    experience, I was where you are right now. I learned my
    lesson the hard way (paper profits turned into a huge
    actual loss).
    So don't sell, please buy more.

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    • a previous GLOW board under a different name by publishing the same crap there. There are many legitimate GLOW investors please dont judge us by this asshole.

    • Great post. Amazon can't dissapoint; no
      fundamentals, no anticipated earnings, etc. Plenty of
      opportunity for hype-[1] X-mas sales [2] expansion as a
      transaction processor.

      Your projected sideways trading
      levels make sense. When it drops there will probably be
      no reason. It will just happen. When? Who knows!

    • "..every other idiot that shorted this stock...."

      not the idiot who shorted at $358

    • First, that $5M should read $50M for market cap.
      There are also different rules for initial listing and
      continued listing. Now, it's not a problem for amzn, but in
      a few months they will have trouble remaining

      Here's the

    • No, the nasd listing requirements provide for the
      'OR' of some different criteria for being listed. One
      is a net tangible assets requirement which amzn
      doesn't meet. Another is a minimum market cap of $5M,
      which amzn does meet.

      For amzn to be delisted it
      would require their market cap to fall below $5M.
      Simply not meeting one of the requirements is not
      ufficient for being delisted. I don't have the link
      currently available, but if you search on "nasdaq rules",
      you should be able to find it.

    • matter now. I admit, what first attracted me to
      AMZN as a short was the weakness of their position (as
      an e-tailer) to share in the Internet Gold Rush.
      What you fail to understand is the thinking of the
      mania investor. Just because AMZN fails every
      conceivable valuation measure doesn't mean there will be a
      mass exodus by shareholders on Monday.

      repeatedly posted during Dec. that these short-term factors
      would support and help build the price -- 1. the only
      tax-loss opportunities would be for shorts covering, 2.
      Longs with gains would probably try to hang on until
      '99 to defer gains another year, 3. the short supply
      of float & the high volume levels, 4. the impending
      split, and 5. X-Mas shopping anticipation. All of these
      factors are now disappearing, but will probably mean that
      the stock goes more sideways than up or down for the
      near-term. You need to find reason(s) (not logic or
      valuation) for longs to sell, to get your hoped for

      I think it's entirely possible that there may not
      be any meaningful downside movement until after the
      next EPS report.

    • Clearly, AMZN's market cap is well over the $5m.
      But the idea that its tangible assets are such that
      they can or will be delisted is intriguing. However,
      note that by issuing even a small quantity of new
      stock, they can rapidly increase their assets; that's
      what I would do in a hurry were I they.

      bet that we'll see such a secondary offering this

    • Did you ever think about the possibility of so
      called "real investors" having their "real investments"
      then other money on the side to play, day trading, or in Sonny's case shorting AMZN??
      Go find your discounts, put your money in a good
      govt. bond fund and sleep well. I'll be at the

    • Obviously you're long AMZN and this makes you a
      follower or momentum player (same thing), not a real
      investor. Please, stay in Vegas, you'll do better in the
      long run.

      The reason I don't care if I lose my
      entire investment is because my investment is so large,
      and the entertainment value of having a vested
      interest in watching AMZN explode is much higher than the
      amount I invested. Hence, I win either way. My April 90
      puts only cost $1 1/2. I only bought one so it cost me
      about $150 bucks. Since I have until April, that comes
      out to about $1.30/day to be able to benefit from the
      big bust. So I lose $150 if I'm wrong and I make
      $5,000 if AMZN hits its true and generous valuation of

      I think I'm right. We'll have to wait and
      see. But, I bet I sleep much better than the AMZN
      longs. Also longs, remember, if this thing gets halted,
      it may open up 20%-40% lower, so you won't
      necessarily be able to get out if your momentum comes to a
      close. Should be fun watching you all get out of this
      joker at once. I hate to see people lose money, but I
      think it will be a very good lesson for all of you.

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