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  • banjopup banjopup Aug 1, 1999 9:45 PM Flag

    Barrons crushing AMZN again

    er qtr revenue
    increases are small -- amzn always tanks BIG after a
    negative barrons article -- believe me the article was not
    upbeat, but very negative.

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    • their own fucking growth rates before they
      criticize others. Barrons is so full of shit run by A BUNCH
      OF IDIOTS. My $35,000
      investment in Dell has
      grown to $700,000 in two years. Meanwhile Barrons has
      been misleading invstors with their negative
      publishing and scaring off investors with Tech wreck in the
      PC sector back when the Dow was at 6500. Imagine
      listening to them and losing out on the gains of the past
      two years. They can never undo their past misdeeds.
      AMZN was the first company to recognize the potential
      of the internet and the stock market rewarded them.
      Barrons can say what they want with their stupid
      pessimistic articles.

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      • are working these Inet stocks for a strong rally.
        Specialist are going to make such a huge premium on these
        stocks because of all the short interest on the big
        names. I envision some nice 12 -15 point days in the
        near term. There trying to get all the inets in line
        as far as price goes. Don't be fooled by all the
        negativity (shorts) on this board...they should have covered
        by now. If not all the better.

      • When the little voices in your head start telling you to go home and start cleaning your guns, please post a message to that effect. I don't want to visit my broker that day.

      • aba-

        I have a bridge to sell you. Internet
        brands are the fools gold of the millenium. If you want
        to make money on the net buy undervalued companies
        with reasonable PEs and sound fiscal management. If
        you can't make money when your dominating the game,
        what makes you think that you can when new competition
        enters the market and buyers have more choices? You
        think brand loyalty will be the same on the net as in
        the atomic world? You're kidding yourself and will
        soon be parted with your money.

        Bezos is just a
        remade PT Barnum and you're one of the last in line for
        the ape boy show...IMHO.


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