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  • the_reid_man the_reid_man Nov 12, 1999 11:23 AM Flag


    Don't you ever get tired of bashing people's opinions? I mean, to disagree is one thing but...

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    • mountebank


      bet he makes great stone soup.

    • Why should you be sorry? Because you're not stubborn and bitter?

    • Your so called financial analysis is just a bunch
      of engineer's bull.
      What is current value of
      AMZN's stake in (for
      that, go and check value of Webvan's recenmt IPO) Are
      you only talking about "facts" that suit you best?
      Why don't you wake up old man?

    • even talk to Sonny. I feel sorry for Sonny. Please stop being stubborn Sonny before you lose the whole enchilada.

    • I am long AMZN. I am very sorry, Sonny. Mostly I am sorry AMZN did not go over $90 today. You are losing a small fortune on your short and feel sorry for us longs. You are totally crazy.

    • Questioning Amazon is like saying the emporer has
      no clothes around here. You're trying to convert the
      choir, won't work here, but there is some truth to what
      you say.

      I've been involved in retail,
      catalog, mail-order etc for many years..consumer goods,
      toys, etc. I don't see Amazon or the other e-tailers as
      fundamentally different than catalog...of course, it's much
      more convenient and efficient. But, I see a huge
      shake-out coming. There are too many e-sites doing the same
      thing, and forced to spend heavily on advertising so
      people know they're there.

      The things that make
      for success and failure in the old catalog sales
      businesses are really the same now. Good presentation,
      convenient ordering, INVENTORY (having good stuff on hand,
      not having lots of bad stuff that must be written
      down/off), efficient handling, order picking and delivery,
      returns, bad debt.

      Inventory is the great killer
      of such companies...if you don't have what people
      want on hand, they won't be back. And if you order a
      ton of a hot licensed toys, and that line goes cold,
      there's hell to pay financially.

      I think Amazon is
      the best of the best, but I worry that if they can't
      make money selling books and CD's (probably the
      easiest and lowest risk items to handle), what's going to
      happen as a result broadening their product lines in
      much more difficult and risky areas? Not to mention
      all the competition coming in (seems like Amazon's
      projections assumed a vacuum in e-commerce).

      So, maybe
      the emporer's clothes (or lack thereof) is becoming a
      visible. And as for all the other e-tailers, look out

    • em at all for a liquid stock such as amzn.

    • <EOM>

    • people are EASILY led into the fire with words of

      For example, let's assume for the sake of argument
      that jeffy decides to shift the expenses on all book
      operations into the cd or video operations. This would
      instantly make the book business profitable on

      You would not imagine how many people would see that
      and jump up and down and scream "see, I told you they
      would be profitable"

      In my opinion this is going
      to happen this quarter. I smell it coming. It's just
      my opinion so let's see if I'm right.


    • resources after it makes a new high in

      For now all this talk is bullshit! AMZN closed above
      81 1/2 and next resistance is not 84 like some
      people claim it is 86 1/2.

      Seeyah shorts at 100!

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