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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jan 17, 2000 3:14 PM Flag

    nemesis, aren't you being a bit optimis

    tic? I am not a long or a short. I just heard
    there was a battle going on about AMZN. Lots of talk
    lately as to whether they can turn a profit. I think
    they can. But, my problem is once they make a profit
    then you have to consider P/E. Because you have to
    compare them somehow! Do the math, AMZN is overvalued.
    Let's look at it this way. AMZN is happy because they
    made $1,315,000,000 in revenues in the last 9 months.
    WMT (this is brick and mortar) made $3,660,000,000 IN
    EARNINGS in the last 9 months!! In other words, WMT could
    have bought all the products AMZN sold with their
    profits three times over! If you think WMT isn't gonna
    eat some of AMZN cake you got another thing coming.
    WMT has enough cash to cut prices to bare bone to get
    market share when the time is right. We have to be
    realistic AMZN may be huge someday, but they are on a tier
    below some of their competitors right now in the
    overall retail sector. WMT could prove to be the
    immovable object that somehow beats the irresistable force.
    These are just my opinions.

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    • Amazon will just go up and up and up forever and ever!

    • I think it is interesting the only two posters
      who chimed in response to the previous post in are a
      current and a past Wal-Mart stalwart.

      I don't find
      Amazon over-valued. Not when I consider how much growth
      potential is there both in product categories and online
      market share.

      If you were really convinced in
      your own cock and bull story about valuations you'd
      load the boat on a short position instead of yapping
      from the sidelines. Your doubts (in taking that
      position) prove to me the bullish arguement that the
      skeptics don't really know what they are talking

      If you don't like the valuations, that is no
      problem. Just go away. You are not needed.

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      • I am convinced that AMZN is overvalued but I
        don't believe in shorting stocks(it's a philisophical
        question with me). In addition, just because a stock is
        overvalued doesn't mean the price will go down in the near
        term. I'm talking about long term(years, not months).
        In the near term the stock could very well go up.
        But, I appreciate your great information packed reply.
        (that's called sarcasm by the way). You know, you may not
        agree with me but that's no reason to be insulting. I
        do find it interesting (and frankly quite scary)
        that people like can choose to ignore all the
        fundamentals. Don't get me wrong I have stock in companies that
        are overvalued, but their earnings are growing and
        they have patentable products(which is a good point
        someone else here brought up). Companies with patentable
        products are much more difficult to displace from a
        position of power, I think. Once again, these are just my

    • have to put all his "editing" skills to work to
      spin your post. You point out that WMT could have
      easily bought everything AMZN sold last year with it's
      profits alone 3 times over. Nemesis will have to dig deep
      to spin this issue. Also, you say that you're pretty
      sure AMZN will in fact become profitable but even so,
      if you read my last post to nem you will see that
      even with generous profits, AMZN is still a $30 stock
      years out from now. Overexhuberance rules the day for
      shareholders like Nem.

    • eom

    • should make for an intersting xmas 2000

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