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  • guinness_addict7 guinness_addict7 May 5, 2000 6:03 PM Flag

    More on PR from a PR guy

    ...well actually a marketing guy. In PR you can
    definitely have to much of a good thing. When a company
    sends out gobs and gobs of press releases to news
    organizations they will eventually start being overlooked.
    Think of the boy who cried wolf.

    Sure BWEB
    could send out a release every stinking time they got a
    new client, hired a new employee, etc. The news
    organizations might acknowledge these changes at first. But
    eventually they'd get tired of it and wouldn't pay much heed
    to BWEB releases. Then down the line when the REALLY
    BIG NEWS hit and BWEB wanted some attention, they
    might not get it.

    I like their current strategy.
    Be patient.

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    • continued sequential revenue growth and movement
      into the black. And that is exactly what's happening
      quarter after quarter.

      BTW, looks like some shorts
      are staring their usual tricks on this board. For
      newbies to this game, make sure you due research on
      tactics used by these clowns.

      BWEB long.