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  • mtsarasota mtsarasota Jul 10, 2014 12:19 PM Flag

    Today's filing

    Can someone explain what this new issue is all about? CHSCO took a dive right after the announcement.

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    • So did CHSCP. I don't really understand what is going on with all these new issues. I own 4K shares of CHSCP purchases over the years at an average price of about $26.80. If I understand one of their filings recently, it looks like they can issue preferred stock any time they want without SEC approval.

    • I read it 3 times but still don't understand what their saying!

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      • As I see it, this is what my interpretation is:

        CHS has folks who presently hold their equity Participation certificates - which are similar to bonds or secured debt - and CHS pays interest on it.

        CHS wants to retire those certificates. perhaps they pay a high % rate, or perhaps they are maturing - don't know.

        Instead of paying cash from their account, CHS is going to "exchange" the newly issued CHSCO shares for these certificates - hence the no cash proceeds. It is an exchange.

        This is essentially an exchange - perhaps the % rate of CHSCO is lower than the certificates, perhaps not. Don't know. But it has to be attractive enough for the holders to be willing to exchange their certificates for CHSCO.


        Main points - there is NO DILUTION - as would be the case with common shares. CHSCO is a Preferred, and the income stream is fixed.

        The exchange will add additional CHSCO shareholders who are existing customers, they are likely going to be strong holders and not hedge funds or flippers who sell at the first whiff of trouble.

        The exchange does not lower EPS or other numbers because CHSCO is NOT common stock and therefore is not measured by criteria such as EPS, P/E, PEG, etc.

        The guys who are selling now are obviously not strong holders and do not understand the nature of this exchange. They are selling first and asking questions later. Probably bought early on when CHSCO was in the $26-$27 range, and now locking in profits. Well, good for them; they will now be replaced by stronger holders who understand that this exchange is not necessarily bad for the company.

        If the PPS goes below $29, I will be adding to my already full position.

        Sentiment: Buy

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