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  • If, and it's a big if, you believe the reported
    numbers. SPIR has:
    P/B = 1.3
    P/S = .55
    P/E =
    D/E = 0
    Price/Cash Flow =

    Classical value play with a renewable energy story


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    • (Sorry! I hit the send key too soon)

      I own
      more SPIR (at higher prices) than I want to talk
      about, so I'm aware of the negatives. They

      1. Very little institutional following.
      2. High
      dependence on government initiatives to get serious

      about renewable energy. (GOP congress not friendly.
      msg 83 by solarfanatic.)
      3. A management team
      that does not appear completely committed
      4. Eratic sales and earnings. Very little recent
      growth here.

      But, if you believe in value and
      have the patience, like I hope
      I do, the long term
      rewards (3+ years) could be very nice. (I'm
      in it for
      the long run because of the value and because I like

      I like the renewable energy story.) Hope I'm not

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      • Spire equipment is not at all cost effective for
        a small business. Their semi-automatic PV assembly
        line costs around $500k. The major PV market is
        developing nations. Add another 250K for shipping and import
        duties and you endup around 700-750K
        capacity for this assembly line is around 100KW -
        200KW/year. at this rate the cost of a PV module will be
        around $4-$7.5 /W. keep in mind this is just the
        equipment cost. Currently most available PV modules cost
        around $5/watt finished. So I don't find any logic why
        any small business in developing contries would want
        to buy the equipment from Spire. Or is spire
        neglecting international market. Well time will tell. Only
        if they can sell their manufacturing equipments at
        resonable rates.

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