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  • bernsteinbarry5 bernsteinbarry5 Dec 27, 2008 9:46 AM Flag

    Barrons on line

    Excellent article in Barrons.Very favoritable.

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    • BillF

      Unlock your caps, please. If you want to discuss ATN, go to the ATN board. If you don't value our opinions, quit looking at them, and quit asking questions.

      If you're looking for a place to 'look smart', you haven't found it here. Go somewhere where your opinions are valued. This is a big universe, you're bound to find one somewhere. In the meantime, let's engage in a civil discussion.

    • look at the yahoo finance news

      Reuters and Alpha are pumping? using Barron's as a reference

      lookls like pump to me

      buy very carefully, stops, etc.


      could be soOOO crooked. Tuesday you might here of the dividend cut or something ridiculous like that

      maybe not, just gotta wonder why they can't do their own research, why they are referencing Barron's

      remember Barron's was pumping SFY at $52 per share, with an $80 target, and it went to $16. Of course oil fell like a rock along with gas.

      Oil could fall more, it could recover. Same Barron's issue has Allan Abelson suggesting the bear isn't done yet! That might mean oil has more drop, might!

      just be careful

      You can't blinding go into Barron's picks.
      They have had a pretty bad record over the last year or so, in my opinion. It sure seems like some rotten apples get their articles printed there.

    • careful, Barrons had a $80 target on SFY when it was at $52 per share. Saw it at $16 Friday.

      They also had a buy on CHK.

      Maybe SFY and CHK are buys at this level. When CHK hit $10, it went to $18 in three days or so. Now it has fallen to $15 or so??

      I see oil headed north based on the dilution of the dollar, 47% in 8 years before the latest bailout dilution of as much as $3T. Its approaching double in 10 years, so oil at $36 a barrel is really something more like $18 normalized for the dollar dilution. OPEC hates that, Iran hates that, Russia hates that; they might have their way and bring oil and gas back up. Winter is upon us as well.

    • LINE really is a different has the luxury of simply riding out this incredible undershoot on oil and gas..and pay us all to wait.
      There's also an interesting aspect to LINE and other safe haven producers rarely mentioned...Mexico is only a few years away (maybe 2 or 3) from being incapable to provide oil to anyone on an export basis..almost all product from its rapidly declining asset base will have to remain in house for domestic use. Canada is another set of issues..and the hugely overblown belief that oil sands were a viable replacement for dwindling conventional supplies. A true fantasy.
      I bought more LINE Friday on its early decline....

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      • btb follow the barrons article and
        thought man this is a winner. now i see that they
        have shown losses from the 4th qtr in'06, all of '07 and the 1st 2 qtrs of '08. where was this
        hedging then. also linn sold 500k last month.
        lehman sold 3.5m. now they did have big earnings
        3rd qtr '08. does this signal a big turn around.
        would appreciate serious answers to these fears.
        at 91 my time horizon is limited. tia

    • .."Citigroup analyst Richard Roy wrote in a recent report that this distribution level is "relatively secure" for at least the next two years or more, even if Linn makes no new acquisitions in the period. As a result, Roy has a one-year price target on Linn of 22, while John Kang of RBC Capital Markets sets an even higher target price of 27, more than double the current level."..

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