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  • vol_96 vol_96 Jan 22, 2010 9:39 AM Flag

    Why the big drop?

    Cant find any news. Everythings down but not as much as LINE.

    Whats going on?

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    • you guys better worry about the price of this stock instead of the political bullsh!t.I know I am.

    • The dems are the lowest lifeform on earth. They stand up and say all the pretty words and then the little guy always gets screwed. Oh yeah, I forgot they were all lawyers and they have big contributions from the trial lawyers. So what was all the hope and chage about?? More lies from a lawyer! They do teach those guys how to sway a jury, and the American people were the dumbest jury ever!

    • "I haven't heard a great deal of complaint from the Chinese about the treatment of our Indian population in the past, so perhaps we should do a little mirror observation before too much more worldly criticism. "

      So you're saying, "The Chinese don't complain about human rights, so neither should we". If the Chinese don't care about what Pinochet did, why should you?

      Moral equivalency is kind of a stupid philosophy, isn't it?

    • Businesses only hire when they absolutely have to ...their main direction is always to do more with less ...With this economy already screwed by Wall ST for the past 8 years,,, too much money has been wiped out for any decent recovery ...It's great to have a scapegoat, but reality is we need years to rebuild this disaster....Many jobs are lost forever. As for the Banks, they brought these problems on to begin with...They should pay..

    • Actually, it's more like about 3,200 killed under Pinochet, but that's pretty close to a million for a lefty. I guess it would have been far superior had the left gone in and murdered a few hundred thousand more. If done in the name of the people rather than corporations, you lefties are quite comfortable seeing the bodies stack up, and boy, do they, when you guys get into power.

    • It's interesting that there was a huge drop in the price of LINE and everyone (alomost everyone) blames Obama. What about the person or company that sold 1 million shares each and took huge profits. Also if the stock had a huge gain would these same people credit Obama for this.

      Just shows you we should stick to the foundamentals of the stock & not bring politics into it. This has happened before and LINE has bounced back. Unless the company cuts its dividend or hedges incorrectly, there is no reason to sell.

    • what a puss... why don't you liberals are all the same. If bush were in office you would be screaming bloody murder over Tibet and everything else the chinese do. Now that Mao-boma is in office you don't want to do anything to "offend" the evil chinese.

      At least Hillary of all people is showing some balls and calling out the evil chinese on the whole google thing. I bet Mao-boma is not happy with her right now.

    • They will never be arrested. One greedy hand feeds the other. Maybe they will find a scapegoat or two. But, no matter, it won't change unless we clean house during the next elections (s).

    • There were a lot of people who knew what was happening. They were all greedy sons of b....
      and they knew they could make the American public swallow the whole mess when it all fell apart. And, unfortunately, the greedy sons of b.....are still there. At every level, private and public.

    • Since we're discussing the Mortgage/Housing crisis, I've got to add my 2 cents-

      There was a time when F & F would not deal with bundled subprime mortgages. This changed, over time, because politicians (Republicans and Democrats) wanted to provide housing for low-income people and because, during the long time period before it all came crashing down it evolved into great economic stimulous. Nobody wanted to kill the goose that was laying the golden eggs; however, to their credit, Republicans did sound the alarm about F & F on more than one occassion. There voices were drowned-out by the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other Democrats. In my opinion, the green light was given by politicians for business to move this paper (Mortgage Backed Securities, etc) and a blind eye was turned to the risks of economic consequences. IF my opinion is incorrect, why haven't the Rating's Companies who rated these instruments AAA been prosecuted? Why is there no legislation being proposed to prevent them, in the future, from providing such falsely rated instruments? JUST MY 2 CENTS

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