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  • purplespyderman purplespyderman Mar 23, 2010 6:50 PM Flag

    swapped LINE for debt, higher div

    yup, hgt will return less in the summer

    I own both, buying in at the most opportune times.

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    • Me too, but perhaps the original poster didn't realize that LINE distribution is pretty safe over the next couple of years whereas those from HGT, SJT, etc can drop close to zero by late summer when NG storage nears capacity.

      The coming distribution from the Amroys will probably be the highest for the year and will start trending down from next month. So that poster may be surprised when his 11% yield almost disappears by September yet LINE is still paying the same amount.

      On top of that HGT, SJT, et al unit prices are likely to fall more than LINE's over the summer. You only have to look to last year to see how that works.