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  • freedom_still_lives freedom_still_lives Jan 31, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Is this another 1848 for the Middle East?


    All new industries needs capital to get off the ground.

    This is an infant industrial, that will become a gaint within 10 years.

    Get on aboard because the train is pulling out

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    • NO this ‘industry’ was dead at birth more than thirty years ago. Despite the billion in tax payer corruption these technologies remain uneconomically viable. But that has not kept corrupt politicos from imposing the massive rate cost on consumers even when all admit it will have no impact on the models of global warming.
      The Chinese are developing coal and nuke technology. The cost of those sources is a fraction of wind and solar. Further some technical folks believe they have already achieved and all in cost for nuke that is equivalent to coal.
      America will lose more jobs if we allow the Chinese to enjoy a sustained 50% lower cost of energy. Their development of coal and nuke already dramatically exceeds any possible; exceptionally improbable, break through with wind or solar.
      America needs to grow up and demand workable solutions rather than feel good delusions.

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