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  • staggman99 staggman99 Aug 19, 2011 10:59 PM Flag


    Board members...I ran a chart on grothred holdings and the fact is that he is doing pretty good over the last 12 months....his average dividend is about 6.7%...if we do a dividend add back of 6.7% to his over-all average capital gains (on his current holdings) he has done very good...even though we disagree (on almost everything) and he is oil holding top heavy, I must admit that he is doing very good on his investments...! That said, if he was not doing so good...I would not have posted it...!;range=1y;compare=line+vnr+enp+gabux+hgt+petef;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

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    • Board members...It is hard to tell, but it looks like to me, with dividend add backs, that grothred's portfolio has returned a bit over 20% in the last 12 months (not to bad)...! While I do not like the balance of his holdings (by sector), he has done a lot better than average weighted dividend is about 14.2% and my total portfolio is about even over the last 12 months (breaking even is not good)...while I will probably disagree with grotherd about something in the future, as an investor is very sharp and is doing well (I also enjoyed reading his break down on his holdings)...! Good luck and keep investing...!

    • Stagg

      I am a retired investor that looks at income as my top priority...growth second and with the likes of petef, just simple but well advised speculation...Thus my response to you was to list them, as is my practice doing so, they speak for themselves, they need no help from me. gabux/gaucx is a mutual fund that is 60% utility, 40% telecomm, water, etc, cash/treasuries...its a 14% roi and pays monthly...the same divy of .07 since 1998.
      Can you beat these, absolutely, but these are well advised safer incomes with some growth and all great value...why stack odds against yourself more than they are in this crazy world...I like stks that mgmnt is honest/good as to meeting across the board sound moral standards...this requires some closer look into mgmnt and their affiliates, but it pays imho.
      I am purposely over weighted and entirely invested in energy and energy consumption. Commodities and utilities are a man's best friend in times like these...who's gonna stop using nat gas and oil, heating/cool driving and world geo pols being what they are, imho, its better than gold.....who is going to stop using the products we buy from utilities?

      Food is another great area to be, but i recently sold my uan stk...why? Line paying a 10% dfc increase every yr from here on out is an automatic game breaker...10% increase of the current $2.76 distrib over the next 25 yrs gives me a great bed to sleep upon each night...besides, weather has so much effect on investments in the food area, i prefer energy....

      It's nice of you to acknowledge my investments stagg, a real pleasure to see the other side of you, and I hope you can now understand why I just listed them without providing advice as requested...they provide me with my expected goals, and speak well for themselves...if you own these stks/mutuals for any length of time, you will see that your income is great and your cost basis zero...where can you get a deal like that?

      Thanks for an honest and pleasant post, and now let's see what else we can come to middle ground upon!


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