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  • starsmsg starsmsg Jan 19, 2012 10:23 PM Flag

    o/t Pipeline Political Accussations

    A mb post on the value forum board states that TRP ceo on the larry kudlow show tonight was being interviewed and said he has never, and will not change the course of the route for the pipe and that the project was given the ok by the state dept, but the w/h put a stop on it for political reasons unknown....He says canadian officials are extremely upset and say they are now looking at placing the pipe westward to the coast.

    If this poster is correct, the next question is how will it be spun to cya the w/h?

    Those who have access to VF mb, can go there and read it for yourselves....I am not familiar with the poster. I would like to think it's not true, simply based upon our country and the 25 mill out of work do not need this thrown in their face and the corresponding embarrassment that goes along with it.....these days, you just never know though...

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    • Hi money!

      the ones I liked? they don't matter much any more, at least to me.

      The ones I like:

      LINE is a core hold for me....between the distrib's and options, I am quite happy and safe. Also, been playing with fcx and calls as well and did real good of late...they will be assumed tomorrow, but that was my plan.

      Like and own vnr as you know, and have added PER since we last talked some time ago...

      Tell me, if you may, what's your outlook for oil this yr and line?

    • hi glenn

      care to share which oil ones you liked

    • how many times do you ask the same question over and over....and then answer them! you're hysterically funny

    • With pipe lines refineries do not have to be anywhere in particular.
      Nuclear plants once running cost almost nothing to generate electricity. So it can economically sustain the loss of power over long transmission.
      Once again you dance naked and it is not pretty. Traditional democrats like economic investment, jobs and higher living standards.
      Plenty of local people want refineries and nuclear plants for the very high paying jobs. Most especially in Progressive flyover America.

    • more folly from the board're a very sad case...

    • I have already answered your question. Your private board post isn't from a private board. It is from another MB like yahoo and IV. Private sounds better for your ego though.

      How about you/ You wouldn't mind a dump,nuke plant, pipeline or refinery in your back yard or county? Norris won't amswer this question either. Why because it doesn't have to go in my back yard when someone else can have it. It has been 30 years since a new refinery and nuke plant has been built. I guess that is this admins fault as well. You think canada cares about our water supply?

    • have you ever considered running for office? You have all the mud slinging talents. Actually like the traditionalist republican party.

      Why have you weaseled your way around the question. Woud you mind if a nuke or refinery was built in your back yard?

      I know it is a tough question. That you will answer undoubtedly with some poitical rant that won't answer the question. As you always do.You aren't a democrat you are a psycocrat

    • It will then move by train. Do trains or pipe lines have the vastly superior safety record?

      As usual meaningless. The only question is whether this oil creates American jobs and American economic advantage or whether it goes to the Chinese - again - like the solar panel corruption.

      How many times do you want Obama to sell America out? Clearly he will do so 100% of the time if he is enabled to do so by his intelecually undead power base. To the last good quality middle class job in America.

    • 2010 At approximately 8:10 am CST, March 1, Mid-Valley Pipeline identified a release of crude oil in the manifold area of the Mid-Valley tank farm in Longview, TX. Crude oil was observed “gushing” from the soil in the manifold area, and 198 barrels of crude oil were estimated to have been released and 196 barrels

      For a more complete list see List of pipeline accidents

    • You dope how many years did it take 30.

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