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  • pky2007 pky2007 Mar 23, 2012 9:23 AM Flag

    Merrill Lynch Buy

    LINE started at buy today.

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    • You did hit them very hard as the whole troop is now trying to apply some 'new math' to prove LINE results are bad.
      But at least the WACC fruit howler monkey has finally made it clear and ran home to his mommy for a little aid and comfort. Given X force behavior that is desperate.

      Pro-rate initial distribution doesn't make much difference on LINES Compounded 17%+ return. ;-)

      Enjoy their angst show, you deserve it.

    • "I don't get worked up over the inclusion of a pro rata distribution, it doesn't change the math too terribly much"

      Actually it is necessary! ;-)

      If memory serves Sand and I did the math together and the IRR was something around an annual 17.5% for LINE owners VS a few % for SP500 and DOW.

      In fact given that very high level of return to leave out a payment - even a small payment - in the beginning would make a big differences is the math. You can still learn.

      An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
      Benjamin Franklin

      You seem to make Obama short term interest there in your pile upon the stage. ;-)

    • Whatever little bit of credibility you had, you've lost it.

      Begone troll.

      Between you and Sand, all you two do is criticize without substance, ramble without conclusions, and post without reason.

      In the words of the inimatable Cousin Vinny: "I'm done with this guy."

    • I believe Stagg is paid one way or another to post.

      When it comes to hard core collectivists like the Huffington Post or Move On most are useful idiots that serve the cause. Not unlike the young Russian people who volunteered for Stalin’s gulagas, many are not professionals.
      WACC fruit howler monkey dude is not a professional. But he is more than an emotion driven bystander.
      The nonsense about his grandparents being intellectually dishonest and voting for corrupt Democrats for no reason is nasty stuff. Who remembers good traditional caring grandparents in this way or would do so publically, even if it were true?
      More or less, America never had traditional values and the generation which defeated Progressive Collectivism of the National Socialist type in German and Japan had the same values as we have today. That the same generation who voted for Reagan (‘older white working class Democrats’) also pushed over Communism - after the boomers led the Soviets to believe our collapse was imminent given their unilateral surrender in Vietnam and America self loathing.
      But WACC fruit howler money dude made the mistake of getting into a concrete subject in his hubris. Note that Opinions, Rodger dodger and X factor never do this. ‘Don’t play your mind games on me’. ‘Fancy stuff is irrelevant’ ‘I perceive’.

      I cannot figure out an angle why the entire Occupy the Line Board suddenly decided to attack you. Perhaps after losing systemically to Glenn, ignore was not working.So they decide to attempt to isolate and destroy you on the board as you were supplying real information.

      Look at WACC fruit howler monkey dude puppet. I cut his strings and even as a static pile on center stage he is ranting. The pros would never do that.

      I cannot know another persons heart of mind except by their works. Their stink is real even if I have the nature of it wrong.

    • Maybe they get paid for each reply?

      Why else would someone post so much, and on so many boards, and under several similar names (and also not-similar names) if they were not paid or obsessed.

      And, I doubt it is an obsession since there seems to be some skill involved with the twisting of the facts repeatedly.

    • Evidently - and quite obvious - that this post wasn't serious.

      I gave you the standard formula, and you can't come up with the one you used, going off in a tangent about DFC and NPV that aren't used in the calculation (but can be used AFTER WACC is figured.)

      I might have known your only purpose is to try and draw people into a specious argument that you yourself can't justify.

      I have asked you three times for the formula you use, and I have yet to see it.

      I could type the numbers in the formula here but I don't want to waste my time doing so.

      The WACC I come up with 8.4%. If it's off by a couple tenths so what.

      What I was pointing out to you is that there is more recent data available to use. You can believe or not, I couldn't care less.

    • You mut be Roger posting under one of the many other names.

      That is just what he says.
      I can post some of the links for comparison if you like.

      Maybe you should take a look at IVR since the negative spinn did not seem to do much over there either.

    • Not even worthy of a reply.

      Have a great day,

    • Read my post to Sand.

      Should be able to understand it now.

    • WACC fruit? Are you beginning to understand how tiny your intelect is?

      Yuu call other people simple when you were just marched around like a puppet?

      WOW! God help and forgive me. I am enjoying this when I should not laugh at you.

      Please stop and we will all start over clean and fresh.

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