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  • lizahuang54333 lizahuang54333 Mar 24, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    Jack and cronies

    are trying to turn the PER board into another arena of confrontation like the LINE board. They have already started the bashing of all other investments, the personal attacks and the 1-starring of posts on the PER board.

    Why do they try to ruin every board they go to?

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    • Hi G,
      I understand your point but believe you miss understand Mr. O’s intent.
      He needed to move Maher from his carefully prepared ground to where he could be exposed. For the sake of argument he moved to a philosophical position so Maher easily fell into his prepared trap due to his peculiar combination of shallow ignorance, hubris and self absorbed nastiness.
      Maher actually got all his references wrong which is shown in the complete tape. Even the quote from Jefferson; who is not the anywhere near the intellectual contributor of Franklin, Adams, Madison, Jay, Washington and Hamilton, is not well sourced and directly contradicted by another which is hard sourced.
      I have no idea of what Mr. O theology is except he is a happy Catholic. Which after Vatican II enables a wide range of conscience and understanding. But not the foundational error of collectivist salvation for created and unique beings gifted Free Will and Liberty.
      I would also note that I listened to an excellent application of the Ten Points of Catholicism and why our three Founders who were Catholic were ahead of the church. It included going back over church law or natural law decisions which were incorrect.
      Please note Mr. O did not use Scripture at any point. It was Maher who was completely off and wrong.
      Mr. O made the secular philosophy case. I believe we need to be able to do this along with the Great Commission.

      Please remember the wonder of the American Revolution began with our American Reformation. We put aside our Theology debates as people of faith first needed to Sheppard God’s Gifts of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness here on the earth.
      Then we will always be free to complete our duty of the Great Commission to bring willing, open hearts and minds to Christ.
      There is a dark purpose that our real history and founding philosophy are obscured.
      7% of Revolutionary Americans were Christian and 'if you do not accept this as fact I will run off in a huff and you will be marked by the progressive sin of rudeness and a closed mind'. ;-)
      God doesn’t need our protection, we desperately need His.

    • norris

      although i do agree with your post, oreilly's lack of Bible sense sure makes him a poor defender, but I give him credit for trying.

      His understanding of allegorical vs literal is quite lacking. Maher, whom I detest, seems to have a better grasp on it. But he uses that grasp to foster his atheistic view.

      Bill should really try to read the Bible more to defend it. He historically is extremely weak in this regard, but that may be his Catholic upbringing.

      Bill's still doesn't understand that the o.t. and n.t. in simple terms, nothing more an illustration of the commonality that was purposed to show what the Jewish rel and Christian rel have in common. Christianity is nothing more than the extension of the jewish rel Genesis to Revelations-resulting in 66 books of total harmony. Every Christian should know this.

      Mahers views that God is illogical however proves two things: one, that o'reillys point that he does not understand it as being true, and two, mahers interpretation of the Bible meets his preconceived suppositions of his atheistic rel. Remember the rule of argument/logic- if one starts off with a false pre-suppositional opinion, you will evidently end up with a false conclusion.

      Parables, as used in the Bible, are not understood by either bill or maher. Parables were specifically used so that only those who were gifted with faith would understand them. Romans 10:17 (Whole Chapter) So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

      Matthew 13:13-Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

      one should read verses 13-15 for even a better understanding

      Anyway, all this was not to diminish your point at all. Rather, to support your premise. I just felt that the example, if viewed by others, was not the best to properly portray what the two individuals involved failed miserably to adequately portray as truth, nor to diminish anyone's positive viewpoint to a lessor degree based upon a failed argument.

      It is most comforting to see the Catholic church principles once again stand for the very moral doctrines supported by God's word. The churches in America have been asleep at the pulpits now for 80's time they once again take and make a strong stand for moral standards which are the foundations of society. For without God's wisdom of law, lying would not be lying, and killing not be murder, theft not stealing.

      Good post!

    • Good Morning G,

      I just hope and pray more Americans will realize these ideals are central to who Americans have been and our shared first principals are responsible for the abundance of our living standards not collectivist nonsense.
      It is best understood as simple Just common sense as Reformist Faith. But it can and must be defended as our Founder’s Advanced Philosophy. Somehow the collectivists have been generally successful in making public hostility toward Reformist Faith ‘acceptable’.
      As we see, the Progressives will hold out a tap dancing grandpa howler monkey like Maher as ‘enlightened’ when he is a disgusting minatory varlet. Making his living picking on Americans of good character but left defenseless by a wrecked public education.
      If Americans actuall read the Declaration, Constitution and Farewell address in school every one could put an ignorant and willful child like Maher in his place like Oreily did. If Maher did not have baboon butt before the Oreily spanking he certainly did after words.
      I think you have seen it but it always makes me laugh. I love ignorant bullies getting handled like willful children that need a spanking.
      The make believe war on women delusion is the stacking horse to attack Catholics. Maybe it is a blessing for all of us to open the eyes of the Cardinals and Bishops that progressive collectivism is something very different than safety nets and just how dangerous and deceptive these people are.

    • here is a typical moronic ops clue but an answer to everything

      He believes in abortion and a womens right to decide (choice) Then goes on to further define his acceptance of abortion by stating we should give out birth about the cart before the horse or what?

      -the women as you say were given a choice a long time ago....its a matter of aspirin between the knees, use birth control and if you decide on abortion- ok- nut why make me and everyone else pay for something that fundamentally goes against our core beliefs and principles? why cant the women buy birth control on there own? they had the right to say no to sex, the right to have the abortion, but let them pay for see, its all about money making....and buying votes....sin has consequences...but rational americans prefer not to be implicated in fools who rush in and commit sins......

      just what don't you understand about growing up and being sensible enough with the God given talents you were born telling people who wantonly just want to have sex whenever they want, it breaks up families, causes undo tax burdens, just so women can exercise more than their choice given to them...they want choice, they want sex and they want you to be implicated in it so they feel better and can afford their pleasure on our dime.

      This guy ops has never witnessed a abortion, no matter when its conducted....just like the fools who rob our vets of care after coming home from war, they never spent any time at walter reed or any vet hospital.....if they did, we wouldn't be giving money to the tune of $1.5 b to the egyptian brotherhood....

      rrp's grandfather struggled with conscience...he had to weigh personal gain against that of the free sinful life style of smucks who desire the greed behind abortion and the obvious deaths involved. I would stand with his grandfather anyday before even dreaming of a idiot like you. You call norris's strong beliefs stone age thinking...what a joke you are....the mans moral character sends yours back to the stone age.....(that is if you believe there was one)

      This is how a secular progressive like ops works....its ok to have sex even if you have no idea about nurturing a child, so we will just kill the baby.....that's a very sick mentality and matches coincidentally with his overall post pattern on this mb....a argumentive fool who puts his mouth in gear before engaging the brain.

    • My point was, my grandfather felt like his party was hijacked by extremist and what once was a core tenet of the Democratic party got thrown by the wayside and replaced with more extremist views.

      This country almost needs 4 parties because their are a lot of Democrats that do not support abortion/gay rights/ radical entitlements/forced alternative energy reqs etc but they cannot bring themselves to vote for Republicans because they fill the GOP favors the elite.

      Like I said, I imagine he ended up voting independent when the option was available (i.e. Nader, Perot etc).

      I think the same holds true for the Conservatives. You could separate the right into Christian right and fiscally conservative libertarians....of course, I'm not advocating we adopt the Italian style of govt where you have 15 parties and total chaos...

    • and that fundamentally sums up this issue....although i still think you missed norris's point of context...

    • slam dunk!

      well said norris.....

    • Still no definition of a traditional demo. I believe in abortion, that it should be a womans right to decide. Again give the woman or girls birth control and that would help solve unwanted pregnancys.

      Therefore lowering the population and young mothers, that are thrown into mother hood, when they have NO IDEA of how to raise a baby. Abstanence is better but unfortunately that has gone by the way side.

      I am not a supporter of gay marriage.

      So what is your point rrp? Your grandfather sounds like a person who didn't know whom or what he was voting for. Or what his party stood for. Therefore he just stopped voting.

      But your grandfather sounds like a very nice person and was a hard union worker. More than likely he voted along the ranks on how the union members voted.With no questions asked.

      Norris on the other hand would have us back in the stone ages if he had his way.

    • Not even close to the point.
      Try Classical Liberal like our Founding Fathers.
      Prior generations easily understood our Founding Philosophy as a matter of Reformist Faith. They were humble enough and resisted self centered absorption so they could accept the Guidance of the Loving, Benevolent and Providential Creator.
      This is not the first time through collectivism for the Democratic Party. Progressive then were collectivist New Dealers. Back then traditional Democrats blocked FDR’s attempt to stack the Supreme Court.
      Something Pelosi and Reid would not do today. As we see by the Unconstitutional methods of special carve outs for states and the attempt at deem and pass.
      This is why rather than traditional Democrats the media labeled voters crossing the line to Reagan Democrats.
      A new generation but the same Americans who booed Biden.
      You can fool most of the people some of the time. But the Obama time is now up. No one is perfect but most Americans to not wallow in it.

    • I rather think it's more the Etch-A-Sketch syndrome.

      Lisa, you are better off ignoring them (as I do) so you don't get drawn into their silly circular arguments.

      • 2 Replies to rlp2451
      • This country needs a strong, conservative theocracy so that true Christians can use Government to make sure that everyone follows God's will while at the same time keeping government off everyone's back. And it takes it takes small-minded socialist/fascistic/communist Democrats and independents to dare assert that God is not a true Republican American and that Christ was not himself a Christian. Moreover, only true Christian conservatives can grasp that government oil subsidies are clearly a part of the Lord's plan, as is everything else I happen to approve of. Finally, this country will be punished for harboring a plethora of sinners by the rigged re-election of Barack Obama, a Kenyan who not only distorts our Constitution but makes the utterly false claim that it requires a separation of church and state. God bless some of you!

      • roger just stumbled out of his slumber and awoke to the existence of circular reasoning, although strangely, unkbowingly, he has been applying it since last jul/11

        amazing the learning capacity here.

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