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  • sundancekid0202 sundancekid0202 May 2, 2012 7:33 PM Flag


    LOL The Guinness World record book for owner of the most mlp stocks! 120 and counting!

    The Kid

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    • Sounds like you are a newbie to mlps. eps has little relevance. You could make a similar observation about the majority of MLPs. Perhaps you need to read an MLP primer.

      The price has been falling as oil/NG prices have been falling. Since when has price action been a reliable indicator of anything. We went through much worse downdrafts in most MLPs last summer and they were back at all time highs a few months later.

      QRE's new acquisitions are accretive and they are raising the distribution 18% in 3 quarters. They already pre-announced the August distribution with a raise.

      Your attempts at FUD are pretty pathetic and make you sound like you haven't been in MLPs for long if at all.

    • Take a look at LRR (LRE), they are in similar shape as QRE. Both are fledgling E&P MLPs with 10%+ yields.

      I can't help but laugh at how similar their presentations are (LRE's slide 10 looks like a copy and paste of QRE's slide 5...or vice versa). One might also note that both of those slides are essentially a copy of a slide that is some often in EVEP's presentations.

      Neither of these MLPs have assets that are particulary exciting and what was very disturbing on the LRE acquisition (that looked very cheap on the surface) was that they mentioned the decline rate in Yr 1 was 20% followed by 9% thereafter (I think the wells had been reworked and thus that is why the decline was "only" 20%).

      QRE's recent deal didn't look terribly bad given it had a large oil component.

      Both of those MLPs have failed to either get their message across...or the market has gotten the message loud and clear and is voting with their feet.

    • Then why is it almost 2 bucks below their recent SO price & if you look at their is still going down...

      and if you notice it started before their SO,.....why is it going down so much after clearly being in an uptrend?

      Why does their eps say TEN CENTS, when their distrib says $1.95 & next year eps is projected to be $1.56.... do they need to cover distrb by continuous SO's?

      Are the finviz numbers incorrect?

    • You should know better than to think the price chart has any bearing on whether they can pay the distribution. Yes, I own QRE and added recently for an 11% yield. They already pre-announced a distribution increase for next quarter which gives a distribution increase of 18% in 3 quarters. Try finding any other E&P MLPs raising distributions at that rate. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any other MLP at all matching QRE's distribution growth.

    • Do you know if Jack saw it?

      It seems that he just gets a good laugh from you and some of your posts.

      Thanks for brightening up the day.

      Did you actually buy QRE when you were talking about it or was that all just discussion?

      I was wondering how they can pay their a div/distrb....unless, maybe the info on finviz is incorrect?

      So far, it looks like it might make a double bottom at $16-ish.

    • "I wonder if Jack saw this:"

      Once again, can't you form any opinion about anything without wondering what Jack thinks about it? Let go of mommy's coattails for heaven's sake.

    • Why don't you just admit it isn't avaliable?

      "different fields?" Might as well be in Utica.

      If one believes the TPLM posts (I went back and read them after you brought it up:)
      "This gets back to how IP rates are reported. Brigham was notorious for opening the choke wide and inflating the number..." So BEXP lied about the numbers. No wonder they got bought out.

      I gave you links to my discoveries, but you decide to keep your information to yourself (because it doesn't exist.)

      Unless you post your little meaningless charts.

      You have the same credibility as

    • Just to clear up your misconception, I have no interest in discrediting you or anyone else.

      BEXP does not count...oh,...why not, they have great detail in their well data ?
      well then, I guess you are not going to see their data unless you look for is still out there.

      Try the EOG CC between 12 min & 15 min, but it is in different fields, but it is still interesting.

      "I will repeat, since you have trouble reading, post any links to any companies "

      You can repeat all you want.

      I do not have trouble reading.

      You forget that you are the one who wants the info....I already know what I need to know.

      I guess that you do not get much help just being nasty, do you?

    • I would imagine many of these well results can be viewed online. I know in Texas, you can see the monthly production rates via the Texas Railroad Commission website. You need quite a bit of information and it isn't the easiest website to navigate (very clumsy format), but you can track monthly volumes.

      One major caveat, most producers receive some sort of waiver for posting until up to 1 yr late, often for competitive leasing reasons. The wells I track for my grandparents are listed and I compare the data given to them with their monthly royalty check to the data submitted to the state. I can only assume that the North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and other states with large production activities have similar websites.

      One can track decline very well using this data and even predict future production and to some extent, future royalty payments provided commodity prices don't swing wildly.

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