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  • lisahuang54333 lisahuang54333 May 24, 2012 9:07 PM Flag

    LINE versus the Alerian - the facts

    Lots of disinformation (especially from sand) on this board on a simple subject .
    The comparable Alerian index is AMZX.
    Historical values can be found here
    click values and you get a s/s of daily historical quotes.
    Make sure to use the column AMZX as that is the total return index.

    LINE IPO was 1/17/2006.
    Since we only have closing quotes and LINE IPO was in the morning, use the Alerian AMZX quote for the prior business day.
    AMZX value at LINE IPO was 499.04.

    The index went over 1250 in February this year but has now pulled back to 1146.61 (today's closing quote). Here you see the current value.^AMZX&ql=1

    How about LINE? Morningstar has total return graphs. Here is the one for LINE showing return since IPO.®ion=USA&culture=en-US
    Since IPO LINE would have turned $10,000 into a little over $20k according to the chart.

    $10k in the Alerian would have turned into ~$23k.
    Thus LINE lags the Alerian since its IPO.

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    • Again, you are delusional. You think any of us have the power to make message threads disappear.

      How convenient for you when you are asked to post proof. Again, you have me confused with someone else. Never analyzed ethanol in my life. As I have said before, sugar cane based ethanol is much better than corn based. I know that ethanol will eat the hoses in your lawnmower and weed eater.

      You make up stuff and what is worse, you believe it.

    • Dummy, the return is calculated on a daily basis due to changes in price, which only occur on days the market is open.
      The distributions are only factored in 4 times per year (I'd have to check whether on payment date or ex-date).
      Clearly they would not accrue the return of the distribution over each day of the year because you need to be a holder on record day to get the distribution.
      Thus the return does not change over the weekend as there are no price changes and no distributions paid (or accrued since there was no ex-date on the weekend).
      Your basic misunderstanding seems to be that you believe MLP unitholders accrue distributions on a daily basis (like interest in a CD), whereas they are actually paid in 4 discrete installments, each with its own record date.

      I think other than sand there is not a single person on this board who views your arguments as anything other than complete idiocy.

      I think even MLP 101 would be too advanced for you.

    • YOu are confusing two concepts....

      One if you are going to do return on a daily basis you can not just skip days the market is closed.

      Second what almost always happens to a share price when it actually goes x-dividend?

    • You blew the basics again now seek to change the subject.

      Look LINE management has the data to prove their claim. If that data is wrong you can force them to retrack it.

      BUt again you do not understand how to it. So get the data set and I will do it for you. If you are correct you can force them to retrack it.

      This is not fancy stuff but basic stuff.

    • Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but MLPs pay distributions 4 times per year and never on the weekend. They do not pay you small amounts on a daily basis, like accrued interest. Did you receive your .008c daily LINE distribution yesterday?

      The index cannot count the distribution as being received until payment date (or at least ex-date) because if you were not a holder on record date you don't even receive it. So a lot of good the accrued interest analogy is when you won't receive any of it if you are not a holder on the record date.

      Your posts are becoming idiocy.

    • "So we are left with the foundational ignorance of comparing an EP company with a basket of companies which are over 50% pipes."

      There are separate indexes for E&Ps only.
      Why criticize something for not being what it was not intended to be? This is intended as an index of MLPs? So pretty stupid to criticize it for including the most significant MLPs.

      You want indexes for pipes or indexes for E&Ps? Those exist too.

      You arguments are getting more and more lame.

    • It does not change you all just run around screwing up basic concepts. Dude the only place you have creditability is with the olb and that only counts in your artificial reality.
      You are quite the legend.
      Natural gas rig counts.

      You posted all that nonsense about cell ethanol and then stopped but only after I posted the actual sections of the law showing Obama alone is responsible. Conservative?

      Back to normal. A board full-o-monkeys.

    • Your homeboy sand can show you how to search for links so that you can post them in order to help establish some credibility.

      If you are going to accuse people of posting messages, you need to post a link to those messages...otherwise you have zero credibility.

      You know you homeboy sand would rip anyone that posted without posting a link to verify statements made in the message. You are no exception.

      Your credibility is on the line. You make accusations, yet when pressed, you change the subject or disappear and hope others will not remember.

      You sir need to provide a link, or everyone will see through you. They will see how shallow and empty you are. They will see how you have been consumed by hate. How arrogant and ignorant you are...and how laughable it is that you think you are so enlightened.

    • More garbage from Norris.

      "A concept of time value of money stops on weekends? As RRbs claimed he ran an IRR without adjusting for weekends?

      It did not take long to understand how limited your understanding is.

      But your answer demonstrates your ignorance is indeed profound to the most basic concepts. "

      You clearly have me confused with someone else. You cannot produce a link, oh king of the one star posts.

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    • Here's a hint:

      If I give you a dollar tomorrow or a year from now does it have the same value?

      Time is money. That is interest is still earned even if the bank is closed. How is bond interest accrued?

      The value stays constant on the weekend and a day passes. In fact, as dividend capture strategies do not pass efficient market test and do not result in alpha returns the maturing dividend or distribution is included in the valuation. THis is not so surprising because the options trade on it.

      This is not fancy stuff. This is the most basic stuff.

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