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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 19, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    Chicago Trib Midwest WOW!

    Corn based ethanol is doomed now. Good going Corn monster. You had every chance to moderate and be honest. Chicago Tribune going up against Obama and his crony capitalist midwest ethanol campaign donors. I am glad to see some old line main stay Democratic news papers realize this is just to damaging and dangerious to allow to continue.,0,1225471.story

    The ethanol lobby recognizes that risk, and its howls of protest have become increasingly out of touch with the reality in grocery stores and farmers' fields: The Renewable Fuels Association recently noted that the livestock industry would be in trouble if ethanol doesn't consume mountains of feed that otherwise could go to livestock. Why? Because then the byproducts of ethanol production, which also can be fed to livestock, no longer would be available.

    For the record, livestock producers want affordable corn for their animals, not just the skimpy leftovers from ethanol distilleries. They want the government biofuel requirements lifted, in the interest of providing some modest relief from high feed prices brought on by the drought. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has urged the Obama administration to waive the ethanol mandate "and embrace free-market principles."

    Pressure for a waiver is growing on Capitol Hill. At least 25 senators, 156 House members and several state governors have petitioned the EPA to reduce or eliminate the mandate. Jose Graziano da Silva, director-general of the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization, also has asked the U.S. to suspend its ethanol-use requirement to make more corn available for food and feed.

    With the Corn Growers Association's admission that a partial, temporary reduction in the so-called biofuel mandate might be OK after all, one of the key players in Big Agriculture's lobbying machine has strayed from the absolutist party line.

    Consumers sensitive to food prices have a stake in this, too. Anyone who likes a hamburger with a glass of milk to wash it down should welcome relief from the ethanol mandate.

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    • More delusion caused by willful ignorance.
      Americans are being forced to reduce our consumption of protein due to the cost. Of course from what were traditional Democratic voters, up. How did the Democratic Party come to this?
      “Top officials of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), National Turkey Federation (NTF), and the National Chicken Council (NCC) issued a petition last month also urging the EPA to waive its policy on mandated ethanol production as the severe and widespread drought has decimated the U.S. corn crop driving feed prices to all-time highs.”
      Clearly ethanol tailings are not a primary or valuable product but rather a waste stream with limited economic value.
      It would not have a market at all if the economic dead weight of destroying 50% of our corn production for special interest corruption were stopped.
      This is not a game. This is a possible worldwide systemic shock. As Obama and the rest of the Progressive collective proves, the ramifications and dangers this corruption contains is far to potentially lethal for ordinary politicians let alone progressives to be responsible for.
      The fact that you treat it like a mindless game defines your character or rather lack there of.

    • If the cost inflation of corn is all oil - by moving to domestic natural gas you could grow corn for
      Natural gas $3 Oil $100 Btu conversion 5.8 roughly American natural gas sells for $16 oil
      84% reduction in ‘oil cost’ * $8 corn is $1.24!

      Think how well all the meat and dairy farmers would be doing. American protein at the highest quality and lowerst price around the world. They could not grow enough for the increasing productive people around the world. So you probaly could get $3 a bushel in real economic profit.

      Not to mention American consumers paying less at the pump and enjoying the best diet in the world! As it supposed to be.

    • Board members...who is losing more money (???), the livestock industry or the farmers who raise the corn...

      The livestock producers 'still have' their livestock and they can still sell them...most farmers 'have very little' corn to sell...

      The Chicago Tribune does not grow corn, they sell newspapers and they tell people what they want to hear...

      It cost over $500.00 an acre to grow corn and my est. yield will be about 25 bu. to the acre...25 bu. x $8.00 = $200.00, which is a 'loss' of about $300.00 a acre...! $tagg...!

    • cattle must be forced to eat corn ...

      by putting them in crowded pens and taking away any chance at finding their normal grazable food- ,

      offer them only corn , then pump them full of antibiotics to control the gastric distress from such a rich diet ... and from standing in their feces day after day ...
      call it any industry it normal ...
      lobby congress ...
      don't forget to advertise and make your customer believe this is 'normal' ...
      just like the 'real' cowboys did back in grandpa's days ...

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