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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Oct 17, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    norris, norrie,dadnorrie daddynoris

    he is the real literalist............

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    • Rational objectivity and your emotion based existence are not reconcilable therefore mutually exclusive 'realities'.

      But your self absorbed reality is only possible when there are enough rational, objective and common sense Americans to keep your artificial perception within the bounds of reality.

      Greece, Spain and California are unbound from rational objectivity and the resulting reality is far different from the general perceptions and expectations of the self absorbed which believe they can politically assign their economic worth divorced from economic productivity . This is exactly why Collectivist Will has never created nor ever can result in a sustainable and stable reality. In fact the longer the collective delusion is allowed to feed on itself the harsher the moment reality asserts itself becomes.

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      • You mean this Mitt.
        You mean 47% Mitt and find me a binder full of females. or the Mitt that said he has balanced the budget in Mass because it is the law and written in the states constitution.

        Mitt said he would get rid of Roe v vs wade. Which means yep no choice for woman on abortion. He would be delighted to sign this bill. Pell grants Mitt would get rid of. As he said look else where or borrow the money from your parents.

        Planned parenthood gone. So out goes all the services they provide for woman.

        Health care we won't leave you on the floor having a heart attack. We will send you to the ER. The most expensive way to take care of people is going to the over crowded ER.

        Heath care we will let you comparitive shop through your state for a lower rate. We all know that collusion works very well in the insurance rates. You will have to double your deductable to afford care.

        Al Smith dinner tonight should be good. They both get to make fun of each other. I want to see that.

        This Mitt norrie

      • proceed Mr Romney.

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