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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 23, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    Enough of lunatic fringe running America -

    October 23 , 2012

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. plant Fayetteville NC - 200

    DuPont - Plans 1,500 Layoffs

    Peabody Energy - Around 925 Globally?

    Stora Enso ( International ) - 520

    The city of Atwater CA - 8

    Morehouse College - Some Layoffs

    Mechel OAO Mines in W.Va - Temp. Shutdown = Layoffs

    Transamerica Life Insurance Co - 96

    Economical Insurance - 145

    Progressives have had four years to try their alternative reality around the world. It did not work and this is the result for just this day.

    Chemical companies not doing well with the competitive advantage of inexpensive American natural gas is really really bad - Dudes!

    America must get back to basic ground game economics now. Progressive can only create a perception of improvement not the reality. All rational Americans can not miss just how terrible the last four years have been.

    Recovery and economic growth is the natural tendency of the American economy for all 200+ years.

    Except FDR, Carter and Obama. All the same 'policies'.

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    • What you forget about is most of the world is stuggling.If you believe the US is not part of the world and is not effected by it, you are the like without clothes.

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      • William,
        You need to stop and study up on your economics rather than just prattling on and one.
        America is by far the largest trading economy in the world. The next four economies are dependent upon us as their economies are built on their hostile mercantilist trade agenda with us. China, Japan, India and Germany.
        The American economy is built to lift human living standards so it is 70% consumption. This is what our ‘trade partners’ are dependent on. This is what Obama has declared Progressive war upon.
        Obama has managed to achieve and sustain; never before witnessed post WW2, record levels of unemployment and declining real incomes. Nor are the reasons for Obama’s abject failure difficult to understand. The drop in our living standards are directly tied to completely avoidable food and energy inflation to support economically unviable alternative energy.
        I know you think if you just pretend so the world economy is not dependant on the American economy. But this is simply your delusion.
        Just ending Obama’s orgy of crony capitalism in the name of Progressive alternative energy could kick the American economy into growth. But then add tax simplification and reasonable responsible regulation rather than stealth alternative energy policy and it could be Truman, IKE and Reagan economic expansion.

      • Meant, "like the king without clothes"

    • Progressive Liberals have nothing good to report so they always fallback on George W.
      There platform is smear the other party and that is it.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • What is a progressive liberal?

        By the way, it's an election year and that's what political parties do.... Rarely do they point out all of the wonderful things the opposition has done. That would be difficult in this election since neither major party has much to brag about.

      • It is more sad than even this disgraceful tactic and behavior you highlight.

        Attempting to take credit for improving domestic energy production while doing all they can to actually destroy it.

        Like the poor traditional Democrats working in the coal industry. Obama actually got away with claiming there is nothing wrong with our coal industry in the debate and the disgraced media did not call him out on it.

        I sure hope when November 6 comes Democrats remember they were assigned and have become the casualties of the Progressive collectivist agenda.

        Please wake up fellow Democrats. Progressives are no human beings ally or 'protector'.

    • George W. was a success?

    • Congress blocks everything that is put in front of them, so they can work with whom they want to. They blocked Obamas job plans Congress needs to go. We don't need 4 years of changing ones mind everytime the wind blows in another direction. That foreign policy debate last night just shows how much Mitt flips. Just his agree ing with Obama so much on his policys shows that we are going in the right direction on foreign affairs. Listen we have a CEO that has run for president 2 times in 6 years. Mitt has a VP with less then 1 year as a governor and has some very radical plans. Mitt was wrong on Iraq wrong on Afghanastan wrong on pakistan and Bin laden. Wrong on GM Mitt has NO plans for anything. His offshore accounts makes him enough to pay for that 14% which should be about 10% because he took more right offs then before. He invested his money with china gets his money and doesn't care that china is dealing with Iran, whom we have very strong sanctions on. The only good thing that Obama should adopt is some of Mitts energy package. Other than that Mitt has the same policies as Bush jr.

      Thats all from me. have fun norrie, dad norrie. did yahoo take dad norris away from you whom you created e because yahoo smacked you on restriction. Talk about others creating fake avitars. You win the booby prize although they aren't real boobies.

    • Yes, I can do better than you. It isn't very hard.

      Company announces 450 new jobs in Lincoln County Posted by DW Editoron October 19, 2012

      by Tori Hamby

      DENVER – Denver Global Products has decided to locate its manufacturing and distribution facility in Lincoln County. The company will create 450 jobs during the next four years and making a capital investment of $30.2 million in Lincoln County.

      2012 Major Relocations and Expansions

      Great-West Financial announced in October it expects to add 100 new positions over the next 12 months, most of them at its Greenwood Village headquarters. The company, which now markets all its financial, insurance and retirement services under the single brand name, has already added 113 positions at its headquarters since August 2011.

      PIXIA Corp., an industry leader in high-performance scalable data access solutions for BIG data, announced in October the opening of a new office in downtown Denver. Virginia-headquartered PIXIA is expanding in Colorado to capitalize on the deep bench of high-tech talent, specifically geospatial experienced software engineers.

      Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced in October that the company will be opening a new office in the Meridian Corporate Center in Douglas County. The new expansion will create hundreds of new jobs in the area over the next five years. Construction is expected to begin this month on the new 53,000-square-foot building, and employees will move into the new facility in spring 2013. The current employees located at the existing HDS office in downtown Denver will be relocated to the new site.

      Vestas Wind Systems announced plans in October to consolidate three U.S. research and development offices to a research hub in Brighton, where it has two manufacturing plants. Company officials say the consolidation to Colorado is part of an effort to scale research activities, focus on product development, and be closer to the company's manufacturing operations.

      Smart Balance Inc., the company that bought Denver-based Udi's Healthy Foods, announced in October it will relocate its headquarters to Boulder from New Jersey and change its name to Boulder Brands Inc. The company will create two operating segments: Smart Balance, which will oversee the company's spreads, butter, grocery, and milk products; and Natural Brands, which will have the Udi's, Glutino, and Earth Balance products.

      Comcast, the nation's largest cable-television company, announced in September that it will add 250 new positions at its Center of Excellence call center in Denver in order to provide enhanced customer service.

      DaVita announced the opening of a new guest services contact center in Centennial in September. The new facility has brought approximately 100 new jobs to the area.

      RavenBrick, a Denver-based company focusing on windows and energy conservation, will be moving to a new site in October to increase its manufacturing capabilities. The company will move to the Stapleton neighborhood from its current location in lower downtown to a factory that can produce $50 million in revenue with about 80 jobs.

      FreshDirect announces new jobs

      By editor on October 16, 2012 3:46 pm

      Company enlists support of grassroots spokesmen

      Online grocer FreshDirect has enlisted two more leaders of grassroots organizations in the Bronx to support its move to the Harlem River Rail Yard.

      Steve Ritz of Green Bronx Machine and Chris Norwood of Health People: Community Preventive Health Institute have endorsed the company, joining environmentalist Majora Carter, who was hired by FreshDirect this summer.

      The pair are helping the company spread the word about job openings at FreshDirect, according to a press release from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

      The company announced on Oct. 16 that it would hire at least 200 new employees over the next three months, and is encouraging Bronx residents to apply.

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