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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 23, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    Now Now Opinions are meaningless

    You chose a avatar which literally means your opinions and therefore every one else's are irrelevant.

    That is only true if the basis of opinions is emotional, irrational and self absorbed. It is the choice you make for yourself and then try to impose on fellow Americans.

    All of you are consumed with madly attempting to prove your are the cleverest monkey in a random creation. So of course it is a daily tale Told by idiots, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

    Your worldview begins and ends with no purpose each and every boring day, until it ends.

    I would be over joyed for you to one day impress me but it is simply impossible, as you chose to be.

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    • Thank you for that far right or is it moderate post. I believe you have norezzzzma. That is covered.......

    • You managed to duck everything today as usual, quack. Now you get nasty with more irrelevant posting. my avatar just means what it means opinions are like. Where your avitar has the word happy in it, and you are never happy.
      This is why i haven't acknowledged you for quite awhile. Due to the fact that you have become irrelevant to reply to day in and day out. Today was fun for it was right after the final debate. You clearly are delusional about what happened last night and in the last debate. So have fun here and i will be in touch down the road.

    • When SOB is the only person on here that impresses you, you are one sorry example of mankind.

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      • RLP and Opinions,

        All people can embrace their potential to full humanity. Neither of you have chosen to do so.

        All animals have freedom of expression.

        Only people who embrace their potential to full humanity can utilize the gift of Freedom of Speech.

        No one is surprised monkey people do not like or appreciate people embracing the conditions required for Freedom of Speech.

        Confucius reasoned well that the superior man is a matter of personal choice therefore free to all people. The choice does have personal cost. Christians really should not be surprised a man of good character can reason very close to revealed truth. It is really Just common sense.
        As a matter of practical philosophy it greatly influenced China only as heaven was generally believed in the main to be just and to value order. That individual meritocracy must be recognized by civilized society for all people to benefit.
        So in the end analysis it is not secular. In fact towards the end Confucius came to believe heaven was against his enlightened ideas as his ideals were and are so easily dismissed in a secular or nihilist faith system.
        Of course you know what Confucius said about the choice to be the lesser man and his nature. You are a disciple of the lower path. The fundamental flaw in Confucius ‘secular’ philosophy.

        There is no rational basis for secular philosophical virtue. Therefore as we see throughout history 'secular' value systems are never stable nor just in the sweep of time. Actually a blink in the sweeps of time.

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