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  • ronharv ronharv Oct 24, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    OT: President or Monarch

    Romney, as the challenger, is in the position of having to state what he'll make happen differently should he win the election. So he's stuck with pretending that he'll have virtual monarchical powers and ignoring that a Democrat senate will play the filibuster game just as effectively as the Republicans have. So he can't make ex cathedra laws such as obviating the Affordable Care Act or removing taxation from interest and dividends. Congress makes laws and roadblocks others, something that politicians running for the presidency simply pretend ain't so, counting on the ignorance of enough of the population to believe that a wave of the kingly sceptre does the job.

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    • hgtacvs11 Oct 26, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

      Write all the crap you want. KING OBAMA is going DOWN! This government is getting rid of WASTE, STARTING WITH THE KING AND HIS CZARS AND THE PURE XSS NUT BIDEN.

    • Ron
      Please read Adam Smith Wealth of Nations.
      Our Founders fully understood and accepted the concepts before 1776.
      The invisible hand is what made America great. Trusting the Just common sense of the average American.
      The outcome of Obama policy of artificially increasing food prices with ethanol crony capitalism depresses ‘demand’ by lowering living standards.
      Blocking pipe lines and permits to drill on public lands sends clear signals to the market. The free market profits are clear but so is Progressive policy hostility.
      You can be in coal and just have your living outlawed. Then have the media not do its jobs and explain what just happened to fellow Americans.
      It is not Bush’s fault four years later there is $2.5 trillion on American corporation balance sheets waiting for an all clear in this election for business.
      Romney policy agenda is to stop what Obama has done to freeze our economy solid. Get the price of food and energy down and our economy will recover as demand picks up in a virtuous cycle.
      That is what has happened every other time in our long history and resulted in the highest living standards for the average citizen in the world.
      Ron’s assume elite understanding is unfortunately the natural condition of the collectivist.
      Better to trust the Americans people. Focus on jobs. That means cost of food and energy need to go down. In both cases the solutions are easy and painfully clear – except to Progressives.