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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 27, 2012 8:27 AM Flag

    RLP's approval of Gasland

    Hi Sand,

    I shot Jack an email for his opinion. He is expecting the current economic slow down to continue so is focusing on his attention in other areas.

    Believe you are correct that ND is completely different than Penn. The government in ND is close to the people and has handled the growth in an outstanding manner. By the time the nyZt comes up with their nonsense the corrective is already implemented or about to be.

    Folks in ND like those in the smaller towns of Penn want the economic activity so their children do not have to leave to find work and start their families. The population in ND is so small it is pretty much like one county in Penn deciding what they wish. So you are correct the odds of anything like this occurring like Penn is nearly impossible. But it is the grand hope of the Progressive statists that it would so no shortage of puffing from them on the subject.

    Clearly our GASLAND domestic energy *expert* hangs on every word on the statist press. So all it does every day is foolishness built on foolishness. Penn has Progressives while ND has Democrats and Republicans with no Progressives.

    I am listening to the Norfolk Southern call again this morning. Marcellus is clearly slowing for both pipe and sand. So the 'surge' of low cost Marellus gas seems to be a phantom.

    Bakken oil training to the east coast is exciting.

    I am adding NSC for the long run and a Romney victory. But nothing in the earnings reports supports the nonsense government economic data like unemployment or growth coming out or Washington. Very troubling.

    Hope I answered your question.

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    • Since it is almost Halloween. Lets call what you are doing to RLP a witch hunt. Problem is captain paste and yourself have nothing on RLP. Just as i figured. Useless paste by sand. Now you are calling Jack in. Desperate people do desperate things when they get caught in a witch hunt.

    • Didn't take your meds yet this morning? I see you're still hallucinating.

      NSC has a bit of a slowdown in re: lower rig counts in Marcellus after a 50% increase in the first half of the year and you still say it's a flash-in-the-pan? How short-sighted can you get? When this happend in the Bakken last year (due to simialr circumstances) you said it was a great thing, having a backlog due to infrastructure shortfalls, or due to more efficient drilling methods. Which cake do you want to day?

      Never mind that they (NSC) is building a new intermodal terminal in the heart of Marcellus/Utica country (Greencastle, PA). I guess that will be to move the ghost NGLs out of the area.

      • 1 Reply to rlp2451
      • No one including yourself believes your puffs and fragmented emotional eruptions.

        Fracturing supplies are a direct input. Reduced drilling cycle times would not reduce demand.

        But of course even if you did understand the most basic concepts you would purposefully attempt to deceive fellow Americans and play the tantrum throwing criticaster in a vain attempt to cover your ignorance.

        Obama has managed to stop America's natural gas industry cold just as he destroyed domestic coal. Both were one of the very few bright spots in our economy.

        This is how another four years would begin. Decelerating economic growth with nothing to correct our course.

        Instead of prattle why not just listen to the rail calls. The share prices are assuming a recession which is pretty much certain if Obama wins.

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