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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 27, 2012 9:24 PM Flag

    Re: Gasland Dude RLP.

    HI Sand,

    Jack is going to forego the Penn legal opinion as it is a very localized and specialized matter. Unlike the OLB.

    All the OLB is selling is despair now.

    Question for an natural gas investment board is which candidate is most likely to do what is necessary to encourage domestic natural gas into our economy.

    Romney has not promised any grand plan but then none is necessary. If American business believes Romney wants energy independence rather than pagan earth worship the investment to get our economy benefiting from OUR natural gas will be made. Further it will happen very quickly.

    Enough so that it would be very wise not to close the up to date coal plants so there is stability in electricity prices. Last thing a real economic recovery needs is a spike in the cost of electricity or grid instability Obama is regulating into it.

    Will it help get the economy going? 100%
    Will it solve everything? Likely not but it could be a catalysts which does.

    Democrats/Republicans say do it and do it now.

    Progressive? Ah it will not help anyway. More wind mills and solar panels and corn ethanol corruption.

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