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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 1, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

    Marcellus Production Virtually Unaffected by Sandy

    You surprised?

    Pipes are the safest and most efficient infrastructure. It is what the Bakkens needs to avoid weather interruption. Natural gas however requires pipe so as expected, by real investors.

    Now the political process around Act 13. That could easily kill jobs, cut production and leave the pipes running at less than planned capacity.

    But I would expect a Gasland, Oil Drum and Ethanol believer to get it all backward.

    The real shame is all our money Obama wasted on his base load alternative energy corruption rather than just doing the logical thing and updating our electrical grid for efficiency and security.

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    • Sooner or later you have to makean investemnt in alternate energy. Let me ask you this would you like a rig next to your house? Or are you so wrapped up in your NG that you could careless about others. You knowNGis very explosive. As you have seen NG leaks from sandy is slowing efforts down as you can smell the Ng in the air. or does this not matter,

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      • It is is funny how people complain when it comes to investing in energy. If you make the initial investment chances are some will fail. Just like the first investment in NG. Did they make money right off the bat and did they know that NG would be so big years down the road. How about the first unexpected car break down when you ere young and the bill came in alot more than you expected. Did you give up and tell them to keep the car. Even though you were still making payments on it. Know ing that it could break down again.

      • When alternative energy returns a profit it will work.
        Every hear about free enterprise?
        OBama does not understand capitalism.
        Come on Opinion you are smarter than that.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • RLP Gasland, Oil Drum and ethanol believer Opinions,

        America has a 5,000+ year supply of natural gas in hydrates.

        Nuclear is the cleanest, safest and economically viable.

        The only technology which would make even the slightest dent in the end of the world Progressive Global Warming pagan religion.

        You Progressives are not rational and getting together in large delusional groups solves nothing.

    • The real shame is that you (nor Sand) have a clue about what Act 13 does, yet you think it will stop production of natgas in PA. I suggest either or both of you actually do some research on the subject then get back to the board with your "findings." Norris - better do it right now otherwise you will forget about it in thrity minutes.

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      • It seems that it is you who have no clue about Act 13 but it is easier to turn it around and hope by that incorrect assertion that in a response the work in understanding the new law in Pa will just be posted for you .....that does seem like it would save some time.

        When you are feeling comfy enough with Act 13 and the present status and the ongoing constitutional issues about who regulates the zoning, and the potential changes if the law is changed in Pa, & how close to homes a gas well can now be drilled and how that might change....


        maybe you should post your explanation(s) over on a board where someone who follows the activity in the Marcellus might have an interest.

        Maybe MHR is a good board.
        I think I read that they expect to shift funding back again to the Marcellus from the oilier plays the Bakken & Eagleford, at some point not too far off, right?

        LINE does not have activity in that area since they sold it a few years ago, when gas was selling for about three times what it has been selling for during last quarter.

      • No rational American on a domestic energy board is waiting for the 'wisdom' of a

        Gasland, Oil Drum and ethanol true believer. This of course leaves out your Opinion.

        Obama says Americans in coal were not impacted by dishonest EPA regulations. Of course it matters when dishonest and unethical Progressives control bureaucracies operating above and beyond accountability to the people for the 'greater good'.

        You are no investor.

      • On this:
        "The real shame is that you (nor Sand) have a clue about what Act 13 does, yet you think it will stop production of natgas in PA."

        No one said that except you.
        "think it will stop production of natgas in PA"

        That is one of the funniest things I spotted so far.

        I did not say that production will stop because of Act 13, or, any revised law that might replace Act 13, or, anything like just made that part up....all on your own.

        No surprise to most.

        So, if that is what you really think then you are alot more lost than you think .....

        .......and instead of you usual volly of insults you should take the time to read ACT 13 and understand the issues for both sides in the lawsuit and the substantive due process issue concerning zoning regulations and get up to speed on it.

        Too hard?
        Too much effort?

        If you need some help with the substantive due process stuff, maybe if you ask Jack he might explain it to you.

        You probably remember that Jack is a laywer.

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