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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 3, 2012 12:24 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks to Obama and Obama alone Mexico and Canada get our jobs in export 2

    You have chosen to join the nihilistic collective.

    Chosen by a copy boy. Again your opinion means nothing as you have said.

    I haven't chose anything. Your simple minded character chose your labeling of others. Such a masty spirit for being a copy boy. But don't worry you will get a promotion just hang in there. After all all americans are rewarded when they work harder. Just stick your nose to the grind stone and you will get there. One of these days you will become a big boy like the rest of them in your office.

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    • Why don't you copy some of the posts back to you from this board about how you come across. put them to print, so your fellow office workers can see what others say and think about your writings. You just may become the laughing stock of your office.

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      • "Fellow office workers?"
        No way he has a real job, being able to spew his righteous indignation here all day long. He probably is collecting unemployment illegally from the Great State of California.

      • I am Blessed to make my living based on my own developed talents and life time of savings. Talents and stuff on loan from God.
        I am no longer forced to serve primitive people that define their success by exploiting and dominating others not by their talents but their politics. Business success for the primitive is politics not talents and this is exactly why even our largest corporations have life cycles.
        Witnessing the Progressive collectivist mind set crash or critically damage wonderful franchises is less than fulfilling and actually troubling.
        You are also correct it is the Progressive collectivist minds that would destroy a person like me, for my conscience. Usually as a function of some type of personal inferiority vacuum requiring self aggrandizement, to temporarily fill their void.
        Jefferson envisioned a land of economically independent farmers free of the forces of collectivist power.
        I envision and America brimming to overflowing with small business people creating a good or service they and their team can and should take pride in. Free of your office enforcement of collectivist nihilistic materialism.
        Look I guard your freedom of conscience. It is your choice of self absorbed and nihilistic behavior which is completely repulsive.
        I am still Praying for Mr. Hamm to somehow pull my resume out of the towering pile. This is an American builder who I would be more than proud to be allowed to join his team. I am not to old to pull chain in a ND winter but they do not need to do that anymore. So hopefully something else.

        The interesting thing is why would you assume your behavior would not be a problem in the office?

        Truth is because American Patriots like us protect your freedom of conscience. We are very different - Thankfully.

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