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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 3, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks to Obama and Obama alone Mexico and Canada get our jobs in export 2

    "Just long drawn out plagerism tha says nothing. If you are an editor as rlp said why didn't you edit that out. What no power doughnut boy."

    Yes something about logically accepting the Guidance of our Creator as our American Framers and Founders did. The wonderful thing is it results in true individuality as the base of human nature is clearly unchanging.

    Technology does not change our base nature but rather only modifies our environment. Technology is a product of education but it is not education. So the challenge is to accept our imperfect creation and attempt to exceed our base nature. In this way and this way only can we become unique individuals.

    It is a choice only free people have the Blessing to make.

    You have chosen to join the nihilistic collective. You have that right.

    Of course no American Patriot can respect your choice. We will protect your God Given Rights to be a self absorbed primitive but it is insanity to demand we respect a facinorous free loader like you.


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    • You have chosen to join the nihilistic collective.

      Chosen by a copy boy. Again your opinion means nothing as you have said.

      I haven't chose anything. Your simple minded character chose your labeling of others. Such a masty spirit for being a copy boy. But don't worry you will get a promotion just hang in there. After all all americans are rewarded when they work harder. Just stick your nose to the grind stone and you will get there. One of these days you will become a big boy like the rest of them in your office.