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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 4, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    "So everyone can see what a real idiot you really are"

    How so?

    You are the one taking out a loan from our lord.

    Would you like to capitalize?


    RLP Gasland, Oil Drum and corn ethanol nonsense on a Natural Gas board with a easily workable solution to Americans energy security needs with a 40% decrease in what some people irrationally claim to be pollution?

    Proof enough.

    As an American following our Foundation Philosophy both on secular reason and as a matter of Faith I believe the common American has the Just Common Sense to manage their own affairs better than any one else. Just like our Founders who explain rather than impose by force like a Progressive Collectivist. Tolerance is by definition not approval but rather Dutiful respect for your human potential and God's Gifts of Individuality in a world filled with over 7 billion people.

    The office I now sit in is mine. So you need not worry your little head. I just printed out and tacked to my white board my response to your most recent rapacious tantrum.

    Did that make you feel better? Any one coming into my office can read it if they wish and leave or stay.


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    • Don't forget to pin up your post of which was replied too. So who ever comes down to your basement office knows whats going on.

      What does it mean you have taken out a loan from GOD?
      Also your hypothetical accusations of others. Let the real story come out.

    • Don"t forget to pin up my post along with your rapacious tantrum, so they may get the true gist of what is happening, here on this board.

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      • You do serve me well as the useful idiot strawman of Progressive virtues. But, folks can always turn on MSNBC or NPR for a demonstration of situation ethics and collectivists emotionally deciding their shared altered reality.

        They are a little better at it than you. So you are more like a colon or rather perhaps appendix, which has lost its purpose. You can still hang around.

        If you want me to review Mysterious X forces analysis of natural gas exports on standard economic principals as opposed to the occult school of reasoning that would be fine.

        Just post it up.

        " Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;
        it takes away the life of those who get it".

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